Richard Seymour Thanks God and Family at Hall of Fame Ceremony: ‘Keep God First’

Photo from New England Patriots’ Instagram

Richard Seymour Thanks God and Family at Hall of Fame Ceremony: ‘Keep God First’

By Movieguide® Staff

New England Patriots legend Richard Seymour recently earned his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and gave credit to God.

Seymour thanked his mother and his late father for their role in his faith life.

“Together, you and dad instilled in me the most important thing in life — as a friend and teammate, as a husband and dad, as a man — is to stand for something, to live by your values, to lead by example, and most importantly, to keep God first,” he said during his speech.

Seymour entered the NFL in 2001 and quickly became a crucial part of the Patriots’ defense, earning three first-team All-Pro selections, five Pro Bowls, and three Super Bowls in his first eight seasons.

From the start, Seymour learned to rely on God’s plan for his life rather than his own.

“I knew exactly where I wanted to play — someplace warm,” Seymour joked. “The Lord answered that prayer and sent me south of the [Massachusetts Turnpike].”

Seymour also thanked his wife, Tanya. In a past article, Seymour said that it was not until he became a husband and a father that he truly depended on Christ.

“I have three Super Bowl rings, but nothing compares to knowing Jesus Christ,” he told Beyond the Ultimate. “I first became a Christian at a young age, but for all the wrong reasons. I was afraid and did not want to go to hell. I did not fully understand the love of God. I went to church, but only because I had to. I knew right from wrong, and felt guilty when doing wrong, but I did not follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

“It wasn’t until I was married with kids that I made the decision to change my relationship with Him,” Seymour added. “The challenges of being a husband and father, plus the tragedy of losing my own father, caused me to realize that I need Christ’s help and strength to be the man I need to be. … Today, I still experience ups and downs in life, but in Christ I have peace, joy and true happiness.”

In 2008, Seymour said goodbye to the Patriots and finished his career in Oakland (now Las Vegas) with the Raiders. Seymour played 53 games with the Raiders and made two more Pro Bowls.

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