Roma Downey Launches YouTube Channel that Features Free Devotionals

Photo via Roma Downey Instagram

Roma Downey Launches YouTube Channel that Features Free Devotionals

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Actress Roma Downey launched a new YouTube channel that features free devotionals.

The actress’s channel, named “A Moment of Light with Roma Downey,” is filled with videos of nature with voice-overs by Downey.

“Really, it came about as an extension of my personal Instagram. I am so fortunate to live near the ocean, and I have always felt so connected to God in nature. As I was posting sunrises and sunsets with daily reflections and scripture, I quickly saw that people responded well to these posts,” the co-producer of THE BIBLE series said.

Downey continued, “On ‘Touched By An Angel’ Della Reese and I always prayed before the angel revelation scene, we prayed that God would use us to touch people’s hearts and remind them that God loves them. I do the same here before writing these devotionals. I pray that His spirit will use them to touch hearts and bring comfort and encouragement to those who may need it.”

The creative process is simple for her. She says she always prays before starting to write.

“I pray, and then a theme arises that I want to expand upon; whether it’s speaking to loneliness or feelings of worthlessness, I imagine one person who is feeling these emotions and I write for them. Other times I am inspired by my team. Sometimes they share with me the beautiful nature footage they filmed, and the visual imagery inspires the theme!”

The TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL actress said she hopes her videos will remind others to, “take a moment to breathe into nature, and to give thanks, making us aware of God’s presence.”

Downey and her husband, Mark Burnett, have attended the Movieguide® Awards in years past, and were recognized for their project THE BIBLE.

Movieguide® previously reported that Downey signed on to produce an adaptation of REDEEMING LOVE with I CAN ONLY IMAGINE producer Cindy Bond.

To visit Downey’s YouTube channel, click here.

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