Sadie Robertson Huff Talks Finding ‘The Good Life’ By Choosing God

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Sadie Robertson Huff Talks Finding ‘The Good Life’ By Choosing God

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff recently sat down with influencers Stevie and Sazan Hendrix to talk about what it means to live a good life.

The secret? Choosing God even if we do not think we are worthy.

“If you’re somebody, too, who’s like ‘I can’t have the good life because of the things that I’ve done and what I’m still doing,’ I would say that’s a lie from the enemy,” Stevie began. 

“Shame cannot separate you from God unless you allow it,” he continued. “Just like Mary Magdalene accepted Jesus’s invitation, he said ‘They don’t condemn you and neither do I.’ So, the only one left to condemn her was herself… Jesus was like ‘I’m here for you.’ And that’s what God’s doing constantly.” 

“So don’t disqualify yourself from his goodness and grace because that’s an open-door invitation,” Stevie added. “And just say ‘…God, you have forgiven me. I can’t understand it. Help me understand it and help me just to be with you.’” 

When deciding to change the way we live “and the things that we struggle with, it’s not about saying ‘I don’t want to do X, Y and Z.’ It’s not about being perfect,” he explained. 

“It’s about saying ‘God, I actually just want to be with you. I want to choose you over things I’ve done and want to be with you instead of turn my back on you,’” he concluded.  

The couple explored what it means to live a good life in their recent book, “A Real Good Life.” 

In it, they teach readers how to “Slow down and trade the endless cycle of striving and competing for real, good days filled with purposeful reflection, intentional focus, gathering with loved ones, and true rest.” 

“The good life you’re looking for won’t be found in the latest purchase, career success, or dream location-it’s found by intentionally cultivating the simple everyday moments that make up a real good life,” Sazan and Stevie said.

“It’s our goal to help others experience a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment that’s often missing from the world we live in both on and offline,” they continued. “There are no milestones to hit here. No weight goals you need to make. No amount of pressure, money or social standing that matters. We want to invite you to sit at our table, exactly as you are, and let us help you cultivate a life full of joy and fulfillment.”

“Pouring our hearts into these pages, we’ve created something truly special, a God-filled message that we believe will ignite a positive change in your life,” the influencers said on Instagram.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian recently discussed perfectionism and how to be authentic no matter where you are on the “WHOA That’s Good” podcast.

“[Perfectionism is something] I struggle with a lot actually, I’m going to be completely honest,” Christian said. “It’s one of those things I’m hyper-aware of, like how messed up and imperfect I am, but yet I still strive so much to do things, like, in a perfect way because I am a perfectionist. And I think, you know, maybe the underlying thing would probably be control.”

Being hyper-aware of his imperfections allows Christian to see his need for Christ more than he otherwise would. It also gives him a greater opportunity to lean on God for strength.

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