Sadie Robertson, Rapper Warn Against ‘Vampire Christians’: Embrace ‘Christianity of Christ’

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Sadie Robertson, Rapper Warn Against ‘Vampire Christians’: Embrace ‘Christianity of Christ’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian rapper Kevin Elijah Burgess, known by his stage name KB, warned Christians against using Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross without following him or his teachings.

“There is a kind of dangerous [belief] that comes out of misappropriating Jesus, taking Christianity and hollowing it out. As Dallas Willard said, ‘Wanting Jesus is simply becoming like vampire Christians that want Jesus for His blood, but they don’t want him for his life,” KB said on a recent episode of Sadie Robertson Huff’s “WHOA That’s Good” podcast.

“That kind of Christianity is dangerous. We want to discern the misrepresentations of Jesus from the true Lord Jesus Christ of the Scripture,” he continued. “Sometimes Christians only want to think about Jesus’ forgiveness and grace while avoiding reflection on the disciplined, sinless and blameless life that Jesus lived.”

“Jesus is a person that steps in. He is a threat to all the things: the injustice, the evil, the wickedness of unforgiving, the bitterness, our lack of healing. He is a threat to all the things that would threaten us,” KB explained.

“In other words, to say that Jesus is dangerous is to say that He is a force that moves in, changes everything, cannot be bought, cannot be canceled, cannot be deleted. And He is a danger to all the things that would be dangerous to us,” he concluded.

Pop culture often praises this hollowed-out Jesus for loving and accepting everyone where they are, while criticizing the change that is required to follow the true Jesus.

To accept Jesus as Lord is more than receiving His forgiveness and using Him for crisis prayers. It requires submitting to his teachings as well and making His will the number one thing in life.

KB shared his concern that many Christians are enticed by this pop culture Jesus and misunderstand his whole person because of this mainstreamed Jesus.

“Frederick Douglass, one of my American heroes, one of my favorite people in history, gives us this framework of ‘there’s always going to be the Christianity of the land, and we [will] need to reject that and embrace the Christianity of Christ,” KB said.

“The Christianity of Christ is an unimaginable good for our souls in our world. But it is often distracted or it is often in competition with the Christianity of the land,” he added.

Jesus even warned of this during his earthly ministry: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my father who is in heaven,” Matt. 7:23, ESV.

To avoid succumbing to the Christianity of the Land, KB encouraged believers to find a God-centered community they can surround themselves with.

“This world is heavy and God’s prescription is that you would surround yourself with people that love Him and love you,” he said. “Whatever value and grace that I have and wisdom that I have today, it’s been conversations and encouragement and corrections… and I have to give credit to God’s people around me for that result.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Robertson Huff’s podcast:

In a new episode of her Whoa, That’s Good podcast, Sadie Robertson Huff shared a meaningful quote from David Platt about being in community and listening to others, adding her thoughts on the statement. 

“What might happen if we spent less time posting, commenting, and tweeting about one another and more time being with one another?” the quote read. “What might happen if we had the courage to leave our echo chambers and listen to people who believe differently from us?”…

“For those listening who don’t run a ministry or have a conference, in the same way, who do you invite to your dinner table?” she asked. “Who do you invite into your home? Who are you calling? Who are you having conversation with?”

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