Sean Feucht Shares Inspiring Impact Of His Music On Unborn Children

Photo via holdtheline_/Instagram

Sean Feucht Shares Inspiring Impact Of His Music On Unborn Children

By Movieguide® Contributor

Worship leader Sean Feucht recently shared a special message about how his music effects the lives of unborn babies. 

“Today I received the 4th message with an ultrasound picture of a baby that was saved because of the song ‘Imago Dei,’” he captioned an Instagram post, referring to his song about unborn children. 

He continued, “THIS IS MY MUSIC HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR!!!!It’s better than any Spotify or Apple Music post showing the millions of streams, listeners, etc. I am not against any of that, but I started writing music to change and save lives for Jesus — not for popularity or fame.”

“I will forever keep these ultrasound pics of the brave mothers who — after listening to this song — turned around from driving to the abortion clinic and never went back,” Feucht said of the song’s impact. “These images are trophies for Jesus of how he can use our simple songs to change and save lives!! This is why we write, sing and create music!!”

Feucht is known for his public worship rallies, which were covered in the documentary SUPERSPREADER. Movieguide® previously reported:

Worship leader Sean Feucht led one of his biggest worship rallies this weekend as 5,000 people joined him in New York City’s Times Square. 

Feucht started leading these “Let Us Worship” gatherings during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when public gatherings were restricted. 

Speaking about the Times Square rally, Feucht said, “If God can do it in Times Square NYC, He can do it anywhere. The world is hungry for the Gospel. They are desperate for Jesus. We just need to be … unashamed to shine His light in the center of culture.”

Feucht’s inspiring mission to bring his “Let Us Worship” rallies is part of a new documentary, SUPERSPREADER. 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

SUPERSPREADER is a documentary about a Christian worship leader who stepped up and led worship around the country during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After losing an election, Sean Feucht was trying to figure out his next steps. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit America, state and local governments told churches to shut down, or else. Sean led a movement, Let Us Worship, to take worship to the streets , so people could hear the Gospel and find peace, joy, love, and hope in Jesus Christ.

SUPERSPREADER tells a powerful story about the Church being a haven at a time of need. It asserts that the Church needs to be a place where people can go in times of need and receive the Good News of hope, joy, faith, peace, security, and so much more. SUPERSPREADER is a wholesome movie, with a strong Christian worldview promoting liberty, but it deals with heavy themes. It also shows threatening violence during a time of unrest. Overall, SUPERSPREADER shows how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change people and bring joy, hope and love in an unsettling time.

Speaking about SUPERSPREADER, Feucht said, “I felt like it was important to share, to let people see the journey that we were on, the people that were for us, the people that were against us, but yet in the midst of it, God was breaking out in every single city that we went to.”

He continued, “We’re going to see this wave of revival that we experience across America is actually going to be in theaters, and wow, we’re going to try to plan to have an evangelist be in every single theater that it’s shown in. So that at the end of the film people can get saved, healed, delivered. That’s what we want to see happen.”