Skillet’s John Cooper on Cancel Culture: ‘Christians, They Want Us Gone’


Skillet’s John Cooper on Cancel Culture: ‘Christians, They Want Us Gone’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian hard rock band Skillet just released a new album “Dominion,” with songs that celebrate Christianity and encourage fellow Christians to keep strong in their faith. 

As Movieguide® previously reported: 

“This album is very rebellious,” Cooper said. “I mean the lyrics on the record are very anti-establishment. I don’t know if we’ve ever written lyrics this anti-establishment. Standing up for what you believe in, calling for the revolution.

“I don’t mean rebellion in the way the world might mean it,” he continued. “So the world might mean rebellion like rebelling against God or something like that. It’s actually quite the opposite.” 

Cooper explained what he means when he calls the new album anti-establishment, saying, “The state does not have the right under God to come out of their sphere and come into my sphere of authority that God gives me over my family. There’s a sphere of authority the church also has, so the state can’t come into the church and start telling the church what it’s allowed to say about theology and things like that. That’s what I mean when I talk about rebellion and anti-establishment.”

This “defiant” new album calls on Christians to take a stand and stay strong in their faith, keeping the focus on God. 

“‘Dominion’, the record, to me is a defiant record against fear, defiance about you telling me what I’m allowed to say about my faith, and what I’m not allowed to say about my faith,” Cooper said. “I will not be silent about my love for Christ. I will not be silent about what the Word of God says even though it’s getting unpopular to do so.”

Cooper further discussed his views on Christianity with Faithwire, along with his thoughts on current topics like cancel culture and intolerance. 

“We are right in the middle of this shift and what is happening is that the core values of America that we used to believe in are shifting to an incredible degree,” he said. “And now there are people who come out saying, ‘Hey, you people that have those old values that we would call Christian values…those values are no longer acceptable.’

“Christians, make no mistake: they want us gone,” he continued. “They want us to shut up. They do not want your views to be heard. So, what it means for us Christians is that we…need to be vocal about what we believe so that they understand they might think they are living in freedom but they are actually living in slavery…but Jesus can set them free.”

Cooper cited music as the perfect way to open people’s hearts and minds to Christianity, saying, “Music is a great way to get the message out because music softens people. Music makes people listen…to a message that you might not ever listen to.”


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