Why Skillet’s New Album Is the ‘Opposite’ of Rebelling Against God

Photo from John Cooper’s Instagram

Why Skillet’s New Album Is the ‘Opposite’ of Rebelling Against God

By Movieguide® Contributor

Award-winning Christian hard rock band Skillet is back with their new album, “Dominion.”

John Cooper, the band’s frontman, spoke with CBN News about the new music and the uplifting message he hopes listeners take away from the album. 

Like so many artists these days, the band had to make the album over Zoom, forcing them to think outside the box when it came to writing and producing the new material. However, the band soon found their rhythm and the songs started flowing. 

“Something just happened, we did a Zoom write with some producers that produced two tracks on the last record and it just went so good,” Cooper shared. “And before you know it I was like, ‘You guys produce the record!’”

The entire album was recorded without the band and producers ever meeting face-to-face. Instead, they sent files back and forth, fine-tuning the new music. Even though Cooper called this recording process “bizarre,” he says that the album has a powerful and timely theme. 

“This album is very rebellious,” Cooper said. “I mean the lyrics on the record are very anti-establishment. I don’t know if we’ve ever written lyrics this anti-establishment. Standing up for what you believe in, calling for the revolution.

“I don’t mean rebellion in the way the world might mean it,” he continued. “So the world might mean rebellion like rebelling against God or something like that. It’s actually quite the opposite.” 

Cooper explained what he means when he calls the new album anti-establishment, saying, “The state does not have the right under God to come out of their sphere and come into my sphere of authority that God gives me over my family. There’s a sphere of authority the church also has, so the state can’t come into the church and start telling the church what it’s allowed to say about theology and things like that. That’s what I mean when I talk about rebellion and anti-establishment.”

This “defiant” new album calls on Christians to take a stand and stay strong in their faith, keeping the focus on God. 

“‘Dominion’, the record, to me is a defiant record against fear, defiance about you telling me what I’m allowed to say about my faith, and what I’m not allowed to say about my faith,” Cooper said. “I will not be silent about my love for Christ. I will not be silent about what the Word of God says even though it’s getting unpopular to do so.”

“Dominion is about authority, and we all know who has the ultimate authority,” Cooper concluded. 

Cooper previously opened up about the importance of incorporating faith in music.

As Movieguide® previously reported:

“After a gig, we were on tour with some mainstream acts — very popular acts. We were opening,” Cooper told Focus on the Family. “And we were just beginning to kind of hit a little bit [in fame]. This guy, in his defense, he was being very nice. … And he pulled me aside, and he said, ‘John, I want to tell you this because no one else is going to tell you. You guys, I believe, could be the biggest band in the world. … You guys have the look, you’ve got the sound, you’ve got girls in your band. … And you guys also sing about very spiritual things.’… And he’s saying, people really want spiritual music, and ‘you’ve already got it, you’ve been doing it.’

“And he said, ‘So it’s your time. But you have got to disassociate from Christianity. You’ve got to stop talking about Jesus so much. … Don’t do Christian interviews. Don’t do Christian music festivals. If people ask you what your songs are about, I’m not telling you to lie. Just don’t offer up the information about Jesus,’” he continued.

Cooper said that the man doubled down on his affirmation that Skillet would see more success if they were to stop talking about Jesus.

“Then he said something else. And this is what got me, and this is what I think is interesting,” Cooper recalled. “He said, ‘But John, think about the good you could do for your faith. If you got rich and famous, think about what you could do for Jesus, if you stop talking about Jesus.’”

“I went to the bus. I told my wife about the conversation. We prayed about it. And it was … almost instantaneous. I know that that is not the Lord. He was trying … to get me to be quiet, and it had the opposite effect,” he added.