SOUND OF FREEDOM Keeps Smashing Box Office Records

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SOUND OF FREEDOM Keeps Smashing Box Office Records

By Movieguide® Contributor

SOUND OF FREEDOM continues to reach new box office records.

Since its release on July 4, the movie has grossed over $238,520,275 worldwide, surpassing the 1989 movie HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. That film made a total revenue of $222,724,172.

Movieguide® previously reported that on the success SOUND OF FREEDOM found at the box office:

SOUND OF FREEDOM has reached a new box office milestone, overtaking Academy Award-winner GOOD WILL HUNTING’s success at theaters.

The Oscar-winning movie GOOD WILL HUNTING, widely viewed as one of the greatest movies of all time, earned roughly $225 million at the box office when it was released in 1997. SOUND OF FREEDOM surpassed that milestone, with $230 million currently accrued since its release on July 4.

SOUND OF FREEDOM has been the biggest sleeper hit in recent memory. It was originally slated for a limited run at a small number of theaters, but its unexpected success prompted a widespread national release and led to an international run as well.

According to Variety, “You can soon hear the ‘SOUND OF FREEDOM’ from home. The film, which made its theatrical debut in July, will get digital and physical releases throughout October and November.”

“Angel Studios, the Angel investor-backed studio behind the film, will begin an exclusive viewing window for the film on Oct. 13 via the Angel Studios app, followed by digital purchase on Nov. 3,” Variety continued. “DVDs and Blu-rays will become available on Nov. 14 at shop.angel.com, plus Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailers, while digital rental (TVOD) will be available on Dec. 15.”

Chief distribution officer at Angel Studios, Jared Geesey, said, “The Angel Guild selected and made SOUND OF FREEDOM so successful theatrically. They decide what projects are green-lit and are presented to audiences. We are honored to give them exclusive early access to this film prior to its wider release through the world’s leading digital platforms and retailers.”

Part of Movieguide®’s review of the movie reads:

SOUND OF FREEDOM follows the inspiring true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who puts his life on the line to rescue hundreds of children from sex trafficking. After an operation that saves a young boy from trafficking, Tim learns the boy’s sister has also been sold into the sex trade. At first, he continues to operate under Homeland Security, but when funds run out, he takes matters into his own hands. With the help of a small team, Tim launches an investigation to save the boy’s sister, save many other children and bring the perpetrators to justice.

SOUND OF FREEDOM is gripping and heartbreaking, but hope-giving. The movie sheds light on the need for strong people to stand up for God’s children around the world who are caught in the vicious, abusive system of sex trafficking. SOUND OF FREEDOM has a strong Christian, moral worldview that promotes sacrifice and the message that “God’s children are not for sale.” MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong and extreme caution for the movie’s mature subject matter, implied and depicted violence, and abuse of children.

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