SOUND OF FREEDOM’s Mira Sorvino May Appear on DWTS  

SOUND OF FREEDOM’s Mira Sorvino May Appear on DWTS  

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino may be one of many celebrities in DANCING WITH THE STARS’ season 32 line-up, according to Entertainment Weekly. The news is expected to be confirmed Sept. 13.

Sorvino recently starred in SOUND OF FREEDOM as Tim Ballard’s supportive wife who stands by her husband’s side for a cause they both truly believe in.

For the actress, fighting child trafficking is more than just a role. 

At the SOUND OF FREEDOM premiere, Sorvino said, “TY my wonderful family for coming to @soundoffreedommovie premiere of our beautiful, moving film on #childsextrafficking you have always supported my anti- #humantrafficking work and it would not have been possible without you for all these years.” 

“Please everyone see @angelstudios_inc powerful film which will move you to action—this is not a political issue but a fundamental crisis of our time, and we must all get involved if we are to #endit,” her post continued. “My role is not large but the children in this movie give incredible performances which will hopefully open your hearts to the over 2 million children trapped in modern slavery of #commercialsexualexploitationofchildren#soundoffreedom.”

The actress previously shared that she has “met so many child survivors and my heart burns for them.”

“All they need is for us to get involved enough to help them do it. Right now only 0.4 per cent of human trafficking victims are ever discovered and either rescued or exited themselves. We all have to do more,” she continued.

Sorvino’s appearance on DWTS has not been confirmed, according to Entertainment Tonight. 

Mira Sorvino gained widespread recognition and acclaim for her role as Linda Ash in the 1995 Woody Allen film MIGHTY APHRODITE. Her performance in the film earned her several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Throughout her career, Sorvino has appeared in many genres, including dramas, comedies and thrillers. Some of her notable films include ROMY AND MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS, THE GREY ZONE and THE TROUBLE WITH CALI. She has also worked in television, starring in series such as INTRUDERS and CONDOR.

Movieguide® recently reported on Sorvino’s fight to end child sex trafficking: 

SOUND OF FREEDOM Actress Mira Sorvino recently shared her powerful perspective on human trafficking in an interview with CBN.

Sorvino’s new film, SOUND OF FREEDOM, is currently playing in theaters. She plays the wife of a man who devotes his life to rescuing young victims of human trafficking. Sorvino shared what it was like to witness people’s reactions to the movie.

“To see people… [with] their hearts in their throats, like watching this unfold and understanding the reality of two million children in the world who are trapped in child sex exploitation right now who are being trafficked and sold to evil people who have not one wit of compassion or empathy for them as human children—it was powerful,” Sorvino said.

The Oscar-winning actress served as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador for combating human trafficking. She understands very clearly how trafficking victims are impacted, how they can rehabilitate and what the human response to trafficking should look like.

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