Terry Crews’ Wife Gave Up ‘Her Whole Life’ for Her Family

Photo from Rebecca Crews’ Instagram

Terry Crews’ Wife Gave Up ‘Her Whole Life’ for Her Family

By Movieguide® Contributor

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT host Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, joined TODAY WITH HODA AND JENNA to discuss how she supported their family.

“She literally gave up  her whole life so that each one of us could have our dreams,” Terry said of Rebecca’s sacrifice for her family.

The couple are parents to Naomi, 36, Azriél, 33, Tera, 25, Wynfrey, 21, and Isaiah, 18.

Rebecca said, “So proud of all of them. I have the four girls and my little guy. They’re all just amazing people, beautiful people. I’m very proud of that.”

“So, yeah, giving up everything started with my first, really. I didn’t want to put her on my back and go to New York and leave her with strangers,” she continued. “And I just committed myself to motherhood and then committed myself to marriage. And then his career kind of took off. So then it was, okay, let’s do that. And then about ten years ago, I started doing my own things as the kids got older. So, I don’t regret it.”

Movieguide® recently reported on the Crewses’ 35-year marriage:

Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca King Crews, opened up about the secret to the couple’s enduring marriage. 

“People ask me all the time, ‘How did you guys make it so long?’ I believe with all my heart that there are two choices I made that were good: I followed Jesus, and I surrendered to Jesus my choice for husband. I told God that I wanted what he wanted for me,” she said on TBN. 

Terry and Rebecca have also partnered with the Salvation Army to “benefit homelessness relief.”

A few days ago, the couple won a Sally Award from the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army shared on their social media, “A night filled with inspiration at the 2024 Sally Awards! We were delighted to present Terry and Rebecca Crews with The Sally Award, recognizing their outstanding philanthropic contributions in both the local Los Angeles community and beyond.”

What makes it even more special is that the Salvation Army “raised over $1 million, which will undoubtedly transform the lives of those who need it most.”

Terry also shared, “We are pleased to partner with them on a project called the Hope Centre in Pasadena. The Hope Center houses 65 people who were previously homeless.  We are excited to partner with them on future endeavors.”

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