“The Story is About Family”: Behind the Scenes of RUN THE RACE with Robby Tebow

“The Story is About Family”: Behind the Scenes of RUN THE RACE with Robby Tebow

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Tim Tebow and his older brother, Robby, are finishing up the final touches on their movie RUN THE RACE, which follows a pair of brothers that cope with adversity after their mother dies and father leaves them. In an exclusive interview, Movieguide® chatted with Robby Tebow to unpack more behind the scenes details about the new faith-based movie.

Robby recalled his initial reaction to the script, which he read in 2013, “I immediately felt called to the story.” Going forward, Robby was quite unfamiliar with all the work that goes into a full-fledged production but with the help of his brother Tim Tebow, director Chris Dowling and creative team, Robby is confident in the passion project.

When asked about a crucial part of the story, Tebow relayed, “the story is about family in general, relationships that mold you.” In an interview with USA Today, Tim shared similar thoughts, “There are a lot of similarities in my life between two brothers supporting one another. My family and my brother have always given me so much support. That’s made such a big impact on my being able to go after my dreams.”

Robby is also optimistic that non-believers will resonate with the movie since the story is so universal to many who face adversity. He stressed that he and Tim strived to make something that was “real,” in order to show that although there are hard times, there are also brighter days ahead.

RUN THE RACE stars Frances Fisher (TITANIC), Mykelti Williamson (FENCES, FORREST GUMP) and newcomer like Tanner Stine (INVISIBLE). “It’s about the journey, and through that, it’s not always going to be easy,” Robby said of the movie’s main theme as well as the production process.

In recent months, Robby gave his Instagram followers a sneak peek at some behind the scenes pictures from the set.


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Roadside Attractions, the same distributor that released I CAN ONLY IMAGINE will release RUN THE RACE, which comes to theaters February 22, 2019.

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