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Tim Tebow’s Faith-Based Movie Will be Released by I CAN ONLY IMAGINE Distributor

Tim Tebow’s Faith-Based Movie Will Release by I CAN ONLY IMAGINE Distributor

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Tim Tebow’s inaugural movie project is coming soon to theaters. The Hollywood Reporter divulged that Tebow’s RUN THE RACE will release by Roadside Attractions on Friday February 22, 2019.

RUN THE RACE is a coming of age football movie that follows a pair of brothers that cope with adversity after their mother dies and father leaves them. Tim, along with his brother Robby Tebow, produced the movie. Tim told the USA today of his personal connection for the new venture. “There are a lot of similarities in my life between two brothers supporting one another. My family and my brother have always given me so much support; that’s made such a big impact on my being able to go after my dreams.”

Roadside Attractions is no stranger to faith-based projects. This past March, Roadside brought the record-breaking I CAN ONLY IMAGINE to theaters and is hoping to keep their faith-based momentum in high gear. “Tim and Robby Tebow are fantastic partners, and we believe their RUN THE RACE will be embraced as enthusiastically by audiences nationwide, said Roadside Attractions’ co-presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d’Arbeloff.

Tebow commented, “I wanted to be part of something that’s encouraging and inspirational to the viewer.” He continues, “I believe RUN THE RACE accomplishes this by showing two brothers struggling with real life, but them getting through it by supporting each other and their faith. I hope those who see it can walk away with more faith, hope and love.”

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