Kingdom Story Co.’s THE UNBREAKABLE BOY Gets 2025 Release Date

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Kingdom Story Co.’s THE UNBREAKABLE BOY Gets 2025 Release Date

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kingdom Story Company’s THE UNBREAKABLE BOY just received its official release date: February 21, 2025. 

Per Deadline, “the pic follows 12-year-old Austin (Jacob Laval), who is the ultimate ’90s kid — funny, loves life, loves pancakes and instantly makes friends with everyone he meets. When his father, Scott (Zachary Levi), learns Austin has autism and osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), at first he only can see his son through society’s misconceptions about his disabilities. But with Scott’s growing faith and Austin’s incredible spirit, Scott discovers the excitement for life that comes so naturally to his son. And he learns that being ‘unbreakable’ is about finding joy and gratitude even in the most trying times.”

A true story, THE UNBREAKABLE BOY is based on a book of the same name, written by Scott LeRette and Susy Flory. 

“People want and need good, real, and meaningful stories,” LeRette said in a post to the book’s website. “Our story, I hope, is a story for the masses…one that will make you think, cry, laugh, hurt, and love all at the same time.”

The Erwin Brothers, who head Kingdom Story Company, called the movie “a funny and inspiring true story of a young couple stumbling through parenthood, who finds constant inspiration from the joy and optimism of their spectacularly unique son.”

In addition to Laval and Levi, Meghann Fahy, Drew Powell and Patricia Heaton are set to star. 

THE UNBREAKABLE BOY is written and directed by Jon Gunn, whose previous credits include I STILL BELIEVE, AMERICAN UNDERDOG and ORDINARY ANGELS. 

In an interview with Movieguide®, Gunn spoke about the themes of ORDINARY ANGELS:

“The true story was kind of hard to believe, you know?” he said. “It’s one of my favorite combinations where it’s got real life issues, real stakes. It’s not a movie that has easy answers, but it’s got so much hope and so much joy at the heart of it, and so I really enjoy that balance.”

The director called ORDINARY ANGELS “uplifting and hopeful,” adding, “This is a movie about community, coming together, and it’s a story about how helping other people can help us heal ourselves.”

Movieguide® also reported on the Erwins’ Kingdom Story Company:

The Erwin brothers recently attended the K-Love Fan Awards and discussed how Christian music played an integral role in their careers as filmmakers.

Jon Erwin added that their emphasis on inspirational and uplifting storytelling comes from their love for movies and entertainment.

“We keep it simple,” Jon said of their focus. “We tell stories that are inspiring and moving to us, first. That’s why I love to go to the movies, but we also love to be inspired and motivated. When we encounter a story, whether it’s the interview with Kurt and Brenda Warner, which led to AMERICAN UNDERDOG—it blew us away—or the first interview with Amy Grant before heart surgery that led to what became JESUS MUSIC, it’s amazing that we get to tell stories that inspire us first and then we let the audience into that.”

“There is a revolution and renaissance of Christianity in Hollywood right now, all over the industry,” Jon said. “I’m just grateful that we get to play a small role. But God is just working in every studio outside the system inside the system. It’s an uprising, and it’s fun to be a part of it. So I think you’re gonna see more and more of the films as they get bigger and better. God’s working in Hollywood, right now.

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