Gospel Singer Turned Pastor Reveals Moment God Transformed His Prayer Life

Photo from Travis Greene’s Instagram

Gospel Singer Turned Pastor Reveals Moment God Transformed His Prayer Life

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Travis Greene, a gospel singer and the lead pastor of Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina, joined CBN’s 700 CLUB to discuss what transformed his approach to prayer.

In 2013, God put it on Greene’s heart to plant a church.

“Funny thing is, my wife — who’s been at THE 700 CLUB before — I called her, and I was like, ‘Hey. Do you think we’ll start a church?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah. I’ve always known, I was just waiting on God to tell you,'” he explained.

Fast forward to 2015, “we made this radical move to Columbia, South Carolina, and in 2016 we launched Forward City Church,” Greene shared.

Getting started wasn’t easy, though. “One day, Travis was crying out to God for more resources for the church and that’s when he felt God asked him a question that led to the total transformation of his prayer life,” THE 700 CLUB reported.

Greene was visiting Elevation Church and took a tour of their campus with Pastor Steven Furtick’s “right-hand guy.”

“So, he’s telling me about their story and the different blessings that they’ve had — financial blessings and stuff,” Greene described. “So, I’m sitting there, and at the same time that I’m like, you know, excited for his God’s blessing them, I’m frustrated. I’m like, ‘God, when’s my turn? Like, what am I doing wrong? I’ve been praying for some help. I didn’t ask to move to South Carolina. I need some help down here.'”

“That’s literally when this concept came, ‘Are you praying for the wrong thing?’ I recognized I was kind of asking a million-dollar question,” Green continued. “The Lord asked me, ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’ And I didn’t have a real answer for it.”

“And so I just started kind of, you know, coming up with stuff, and I was like, well maybe I would do this or this, and I was like well a bigger building. Well, where? What’s the interest rate? I didn’t have any answers, and so that’s when it dawned on me that a prayer without a plan is just wishful thinking or you could be praying for the wrong thing,” he explained.

Greene explores this idea further in his new book “Are You Praying for the Wrong Thing?: Learning to Ask What God Wants for You, Not Just What You Want.” The synopsis reads:

Praying and waiting for God to answer can be confusing. When something–or everything–feels stuck because God doesn’t seem to be answering our prayers, what next? Pastor and Grammy–nominated recording artist Travis Greene issues a challenge and asks us to examine our prayers–Are we praying for the right thing? Are we planning and preparing for what we’ve asked for? Are we praying for our will to grow closer to His? Or do we sometimes treat him like a genie in a bottle?

“Our lives aren’t nearly as random as we think they are. God has a plan for us..[.]a purpose, or God Dream even,” Greene said of his book on Instagram. “The key to fulfillment is purs[u]ing God’s dream for us. Before we can pursue it, we have to learn how to recognize it.”

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