VBS Still Going Strong, But. . .

Vacation Bible Schools are still going strong in America.
In 2007, three out of four U.S. churches, or 75%, held a Vacation Bible School, according to the David C. Cook Landmark Study.
Fewer than 8% of churches experienced any decline in VBS attendance, while 42% of all programs reported growth. Estimating 60 children at an average-sized VBS, 13.3 million enjoyed 3.3 million hours a week, or 380 years of Bible training in VBS last summer.
As in the past, children who come to VBS are energetic, demanding, loving, self-centered, and open.
But, contemporary society has also made them different. Now they need constant noise, activity and movement. Their social milestones are being pushed younger and younger. Children may bring their appointment book to VBS. They may dress more like teenagers or talk about their personal trainer at the gym.
Some even have diminished creativity, because they are used to having an adult “coach” tell them what to do. They are visually adept from playing video games and watching TV, but many are less developed verbally and interpersonally.
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