WATCH: Maverick City Music Wows Audience on KELLY CLARKSON SHOW

The Kelly Clarkson Show

WATCH: Maverick City Music Wows Audience on KELLY CLARKSON SHOW

By Movieguide® Contributor

Maverick City Music got the chance to impress audiences all over the world with their appearance on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW. 

“Our next guests are breaking ground in the world of gospel,” Clarkson told her viewers. “Last year, they won a Billboard music award and this year, they’re up for four Grammys!”

The group performed “Breathe,” off their album of the same name. 

Vocalist Chandler Moore introduced the song, saying, “In these unprecedented times where we all just want to hold our breath and brace for the next disappointment, we want to send a reminder as a family to breathe.”

Christian artist Brandon Lake co-wrote the song with Chandler and appears in the video.

The lyrics go:

This goes out to the worried
This goes out to the stressed
Sorting out a million thoughts running through your head
To everyone that’s waiting
For better days ahead
Tired, and frustrated, and leaving words unsaid
Please don’t hold your breath

Just breathe
‘Cause it’s a miracle we can breathe
There’s power in the way that we breathe
Release your heavy burdens and let everything that has breath praise the Lord
This is why we have breath, to praise the Lord (Praise, praise, praise)

Watch their performance here:

Movieguide® previously reported on the group:

The worship band known as Maverick City Music has made waves in the Christian music scene over the past few years with popular tracks like “Jireh” and “Promise.”

Their popular anthems are led by members Alton Eugene, Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore, Dante Bowe, Brandon Lake, Aaron Moses, and Harold Brown, but little is known about their background.

However, co-founders Jonathan Jay, CEO of Tribl Records, and Tony Brown recently shared their inspiration behind the music group.

The duo formed the group in 2018 after years of songwriting camps that brought together people from across the country to write hundreds of praise songs.

Since its conception, Maverick City Music has found itself atop Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums and Christian Albums and collaborated with Justin Bieber and other award-winning artists.

Movieguide® also wrote about the group’s commitment to showing the diversity of God’s kingdom:

“It’s not as easy as you would think it would be,” he said. “You’re writing language basically that the church is going to sing to God. That responsibility can be so heavy. Trying to be creative enough, but not so creative that you’re going against who God is and His character.”

“The temptation can be, ‘Hey, we heard this so many times let’s try to be a little racy,’” Moore told Relevant Magazine in a separate interview. “But then you lose the authentic purpose of what we’re writing. It can be very gritty sometimes, just trying to get to the meat of what you want to say.”

“God gives you the freedom to express a very real emotion,” Moore added. “Jesus was human. We have not a heartbreak He doesn’t understand.”

So far, Maverick City Music has succeeded in its original goal to show the diversity of God’s kingdom.

“What people have found in Maverick is: before you found an artist, you found a family,” Moore stated. “And now the Lord is using it to present a unified front in which unity looks like diversity. Unity looks like every type, every color, every genre. That’s what it looks like.”

“This is God’s Church. It’s His Church,” [Naomi] Raine continued. “And so we want Him to have His way… It’s an offering. And hopefully, He breathes on it and uses it.”

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