‘We Don’t Hide Anything’: Phil and Miss Kay Robertson on THE BLIND

Photo from Phil Robertson’s Instagram

‘We Don’t Hide Anything’: Phil and Miss Kay Robertson on THE BLIND

By Movieguide® Contributor

Phil Robertson and wife Miss Kay promise viewers they “don’t hide anything” in the upcoming THE BLIND, a biopic about Robertson’s faith journey. 

“This is a story with immortality tied to it. It’s resting on it,” Robertson said in a promotional video for the movie. 

Miss Kay added, “We tell our story, and we tell it all open—as much as we can.”

“I would just recommend, at least go see it,” the DUCK DYNASTY patriarch said, with Miss Kay adding, “Because we don’t hide anything.”

Robertson spoke further about THE BLIND in an Instagram caption, writing, “I’ve never been the type to sugar coat something, especially when it comes to the depth of my sin. When we agreed to do this film it was based on the understanding that we would tell it as accurately as possible in order to show the greatness of a God who redeems the worst of sinners. I was the worst of sinners. I was blind, but now I see!”

THE BLIND is the first project from the Robertson family’s production company, Tread Lively Productions. 

“Phil is so passionate about the gospel and getting it out,” son Willie Robertson said of the decision to put his parents’ lives on the big screen. “He said, ‘Hey, if this helps people, then we can do it.’ They’ve been so transparent anyway about their lives and [there was] nothing in the movie that I hadn’t heard them talk about.”

Willie’s wife Korie added, “I think when you see the film, you realize what a hero Kay is in the story. I mean, she really held this man’s family together. She was a single mom of three boys for a little while when Phil kicked her out of the house. And when the moment came that Phil did turn his life around, she truly forgave him. And so just understanding that grace and forgiveness that she offered that kept their family together and that made everything possible today has impacted our family.”

Movieguide®’s review for THE BLIND reads:

THE BLIND refers to a duck blind where his friend, Al, and Phil Robertson are hunting in 1985. Phil tells Al his Christian testimony. The movie cuts to 1958 when Phil is a little boy. Phil’s father worked in the oil fields, away from home for long periods. As a youngster, Phil goes hunting and fishing to bring food home for his family. Phil’s mother has psychotic experiences where she just gets angry at everything and is hauled off by police several times. Phil’s only blessing is Kay. They know in high school they’re destined for each other. Phil gives up a football scholarship to marry Kay. His excessive drinking leads to a downward spiral. Kay gives Phil an ultimatum, but can he change?

THE BLIND is a good movie as a Christian testimony. That said, it doesn’t follow the rules of filmmaking. So, it may not win a big audience. The movie is propelled by the jeopardy, and vice and drinking, but Jesus is extolled. THE BLIND is a rough movie. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution, especially for children and young teenagers.

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