What Jenny Marrs Learned About God’s Love After a Family Death

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

What Jenny Marrs Learned About God’s Love After a Family Death

By Movieguide® Contributor

HGTV star Jenny Marrs is sharing the sweet times her family had with their lamb, Tommy, in an Instagram post that memorialized him after his tragic death.

“Every morning for the past 45 days, I woke up and warmed water for Tommy’s bottle. As the water warmed, I poured myself a cup of coffee. After mixing the bottle with formula, I’d walk outside with a mug in one hand and a bottle in the other and shout, ‘Tommy!’ I’d laugh as he’d ‘Baa!’ in response and come running toward me at a gallop,” Marrs wrote.

The family adopted the little lamb in May. “Our little Tommy now thinks I’m his momma and follows me everywhere,” Marrs previously posted.

“He’d chug his bottle, wagging his tail the whole time, and then nuzzle against me. Most often, I’d scoop him up and carry him back to the porch swing where he loved to be rocked to sleep for a morning nap,” she continued. “When he woke, I’d set him down in the backyard near his favorite: the clovers. He’d look up, give me a ‘baa!’ goodbye and happily begin grazing in the vast green and white speckled clover patch.”

“In his time with us, Tommy weathered a tornado, rode in a boat, attended carline at school, went to church and made friends with our pups, in particular, our cat, Ellie,” Mars added. “She was endlessly fascinated with this new creature.”

Unfortunately, the Marrses were faced with a difficult situation when Tommy got sick, and the veterinarian couldn’t do anything for him. They had initially brought him into the family because his mother hadn’t been able to provide him with enough nutrients to sustain him. Though the Marrses loved him and cared for him well, Tommy’s immune system was weakened from his time with his mother, and once he became ill, he couldn’t recover.

“He was just too sick and there was nothing more we could do,” Marrs explained. “Telling my babies that his little lamb who they have cared for so very well wasn’t going to be with us anymore was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a long time.”

“My heart ripped in two when they begged me to try something else to save him. I was silently begging God for the same thing,” she continued. “In the end it was peaceful. Our precious vet prayed over us and we held him as he fell asleep. We buried him under a shady tree by the pool – his favorite spot – and that tree will forever be known as ‘Tommy’s Tree.’”

“I think of the parable and I know for certain that I could leave the 99 for the 1. The one was worth it. He was so deeply loved,” Mars concluded.

It’s amazing how even in situations of heartbreak like this, we can learn about the Lord and His heart for us. In taking care of Tommy, Marrs’ family learned just how willing they would be to give up so much for the one who needs it.

Movieguide® previously reported:

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“Check this out. We have a chicken in our incubator and it’s hatched now. You see the hole right there?” Gokey said. “It has worked for hours just to get that hole. I bet you this chicken, you know, if it was a human would be all discouraged, depressed, cause, you know, I put in work and I’m not out of my egg yet, but look at him. He’s being consistent and he’s breaking through the egg.”

“Now, science says if you break the egg for the chicken, it makes the chicken weaker in life. I haven’t read all the details on it [but] I know it’s not good for the [chick],” he continued. “It’s kind of like the tests in life.”

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