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Why AGT’s Howie Mandel Is ‘Embracing’ AI Technology

Photo from Howie Mandel’s Instagram

Why AGT’s Howie Mandel Is ‘Embracing’ AI Technology

By Movieguide® Contributor

Howie Mandel is sharing why he’s “embracing” AI technology. 

“I am embracing AI. I have AI in my office,” the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge explained. “I work with a company that is creating a proto, they’re called, they’re a hologram company that does it. And I love the ability to do more things than I can do and be in more places than I can be with the use of technology.”

Mandel did admit that he sees the need for regulation, though, saying “the right to kind of own and profit off of images and material” is necessary. 

However, many others are wary of AI, especially as it relates to creative industries. 

“Frankly, the quality and advancements in the technology–groups and writers, I’d say people in the creative arts, they should be concerned,” Ryan Steelberg, the co-founder and CEO of AI tech company Veritone, told Fox News. 

While there are definite concerns about AI tech being used in the creative sphere, others agree with Mandel and are encouraging artists and writers to harness the power of the software. 

“I think that artificial intelligence, with proper regulation, is a tool that absolutely ignites and enhances human creativity,” said producer and editor Zack Arnold, who has worked on projects like COBRA KAI and GLEE. “As long as we maintain that we are in the driver’s seat and we are the author as humans, I think that, to me, at least from a creative perspective, that’s the direction that we have to go.”

He continued, “If you’re not at the top 5% of [your] craft, I don’t think you’re going to make a living with one singular career path. And I think we’re at the point where the only strategy that makes sense is you have to diversify your career portfolio and find multiple avenues for how to both provide value to people and earn an income on it in return. And I think that that’s where AI comes in, both as the foe and a friend.”

The debate about the use of AI in movies and TV is at the heart of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Movieguide® previously reported:

The writers began striking in May to change their contracts to reflect the change in media that has come from streaming, along with fighting for protections against the use of AI to replace jobs. The writers were joined by actors a month later, who went on strike with similar concerns.  

The AMPTP, which represents the major studios, has largely ignored the suggested changes, instead offering incremental adjustments to the contracts. The striking writers and actors, however, have made it clear that they will remain on strike as long as it takes for them to push through widespread industry changes.  

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