Negotiations Could Resume as WGA Receives Counter Offer From AMPTP

Negotiations Could Resume as WGA Receives Counter Offer From AMPTP

By Movieguide® Contributor

Negotiations between the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) resumed as representatives from both organizations met with each other for the first time since May. 

“Your Negotiating Committee received a counterproposal from the AMPTP today. We will evaluate their offer and, after deliberation, go back to them with the WGA’s response next week,” the WGA shared with its members on Friday. 

“Sometimes more progress can be made in negotiations when they are conducted without a blow-by-blow description of the moves on each side and a subsequent public dissection of the meaning of the moves,” the update continued. “That will be our approach, at least for the time being, until there is something of significance to report, or unless management uses the media or industry surrogates to try to influence the narrative.” 

The writers began striking in May to change their contracts to reflect the change in media that has come from streaming, along with fighting for protections against the use of AI to replace jobs. The writers were joined by actors a month later, who went on strike with similar concerns.  

The AMPTP, which represents the major studios, has largely ignored the suggested changes, instead offering incremental adjustments to the contracts. The striking writers and actors, however, have made it clear that they will remain on strike as long as it takes for them to push through widespread industry changes.  

Even as negotiations resumed, the WGA encouraged its members to continue to picket and make the studios feel the pressure of the striking writers. 

“Please continue to demonstrate your commitment by showing up to the picket lines: for yourselves, for your fellow writers, SAG-AFTRA, fellow union members, and all those in our community who are impacted by the strikes,” the update reiterated. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the WGA strike: 

 The Writers Guild of America (WGA) voiced their concerns after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) attempted to resume negotiations last Friday. 

“So many insulting and out-of-touch things were said in that meeting,” wrote WGA member Dan Signer. “Putting aside the supposedly complex issues…When it comes to ‘pattern’ issues, suggesting that we would take the same terms the [Directors Guild of America (DGA)] inexplicably took while we’re on a strike in its 4th month is preposterous.” 

The AMPTP is using the deal that the DGA agreed to earlier as a template for overlapping issues, such as pay increases. Many writer-specific issues, however, have yet to come close to a resolution. While the most recent deal expressed a willingness to increase TV minimums, it failed to address key issues like the minimum size of writers’ rooms or success-based residuals. 

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