Why SELFIE DAD Star Michael Jr. Sets Technology Boundaries With His Children

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Why SELFIE DAD Star Michael Jr. Sets Technology Boundaries With His Children

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

SELFIE DAD actor Michael Jr. sets boundaries with technology by putting down his phone when he greets his children.

“I just won’t walk in with the phone and talk to my kids. My team knows it. All my coworker everybody knows it, “said Michael Jr. in a recent interview with Movieguide®. Michael Jr. is a stand-up Christian comedian, as well.

“When [my children] come to the house… and they walk in, I always stand up and walk to them,” said Michael Jr. “In fact, I did [that] last night.”

The subject of boundaries with technology is appropriate considering Michael Jr.’s role in the upcoming faith-based movie SELFIE DAD.

SELFIE DAD centers in on Michael Jr.’s character, Ben Marcus, who seeks to become a comedian and along the way, learns to have lasting faith in the Word of God.

SELFIE DAD also stars Karen Abercrombie (WAR ROOM), James Denton (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), singer Jamie Grace and comedian Chonda Pierce.

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Like Marcus, Michael Jr. doesn’t take connection, digital or otherwise, lightly.

“That’s one of the lessons that my character in SELFIE DAD learns,” said Michael Jr, “That technology can give you more access. But it can also deny you access if you stay on it too long. So it’s very important to understand that, even in the times where we seem so disconnected to the people.”


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When Michael Jr. isn’t acting or spending time with his family, he’s traveling the country with his comedy. In fact, in June, Michael Jr. will launch a resource to help people live with purpose called Funny How Life Works.

SELFIE DAD will release just in time for Father’s Day in June 2020.

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