Why THE CHOSEN Chose to Deface Their Own Ads: ‘We’re A Little Different, This Show Is Different’

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Why THE CHOSEN Chose to Deface Their Own Ads: ‘We’re A Little Different, This Show Is Different’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Many fans were shocked to see vandalized billboards of THE CHOSEN across the country. However, Angel Studios revealed that they were behind the satirical graffiti. 

The new comedic campaign saw 48 of the 70 billboards vandalized with paint sprayed over people’s faces and a link to a website called “chosensux.com

When people went to the web page, they found a video titled “Stop watching The Chosen…it is not good.”

The video shows the devil teaching a class of demons, telling them they need to “shut down” the “high quality” THE CHOSEN. 

So, who was behind this eye-catching marketing scheme? Jeremiah Smith, who oversees marketing for THE CHOSEN. 

Smith told the Christian Post: “We feel like there are a lot of people who have maybe heard about the show, had someone recommend it to them, or just would be interested in who Jesus is, but might not go to church or might not be interested in faith-based media at all.”

“So by taking this approach, what we wanted to do is really aim squarely at that target audience and say, ‘Hey, you know, we’re a little different. This show is different,’” he continued. “And so, in order to do that, we needed to grab attention and we thought satire was the best way to do it.”

While many realized it was a marketing strategy, others thought that the billboards had been vandalized for real. Once they found out it was fake, they slammed the scheme for being in poor taste. 

Smith said that the team expected that reaction from some people but has been encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response. 

“This is something that people really love,” he explained. “They love this show. And so, we have a fanbase that’s passionate about it. The show is fan-supported.”

Movieguide®’s review of the season 2 finale of THE CHOSEN reads:

Like other CHOSEN episodes, “Beyond Mountains” imagines what the personal relationships and logistics behind Jesus Christ’s ministry and the growing concern among leading Jewish and local Romans leaders about Jesus were like. The episode depicts Jesus, however, as a compassionate, but firm leader and teacher who knows perfectly well where he wants to lead His ministry and His disciples, even though he still values their opinion. The scenes about creating the Sermon on the Mount are the most inspiring. When Jesus finally reveals to Matthew the opening of the sermon, which contains the Beatitudes, His recitation is absolutely riveting to both Matthew and the viewer, and the words of Scripture come alive. Some viewers have complained about the nonbiblical scenes in the series, but instead of turning viewers off, these scenes actually encourage viewers to read the Gospels in the New Testament for themselves. In fact, Matthew’s description of the Sermon on the Mount in his Gospel (Matthew 5:1 through 7:29) is one of the greatest passages in the whole Bible. It has led to the salvation of millions of people.

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