Why Trevor Donavan Combats Bullying: ‘Positively Influence…People’

Photo from Trevor Donovan’s Instagram

Why Trevor Donavan Combats Bullying: ‘Positively Influence…People’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new video for Great American Family, actor Trevor Donovan shared details about his anti-bullying campaign. 

“It’s important to have these conversations about bullying, especially to kids at this age — 13, 14, middle school — [it’s a] developmental time in their life,” he explained.

“We take the behaviors that we had and the experiences we had at that age, and they transition into your adulthood, so by helping these kids develop this supportive, communal behavior that really helps people and lifts people together at this age is huge,” the actor added.

Donovan went on to talk about how bullying “impacts absolutely everyone” and expressed his desire to share his own experiences with bullying — both as the one being bullied and the bully himself.  

“It can really impact a human being for the rest of their life, and it’s so important to acknowledge that and so important to address it before it becomes a complete behavioral habit,” he said. 

Part of Donovan’s campaign includes nominating a group of kids to be “ambassadors” and stand up for others who are being picked on. 

“Everyone, especially kids, needs someone to look up to,” the actor explained. “People need to be part of a group, people want to be part of a group — if you can find the right people that have that sort of influence, then you can positively influence those people who are looking for…a tribe or a group or a community.”

As for the kids who serve as ambassadors, Donovan said it’s “helping them transition into adulthood in a positive way.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Donovan’s work to combat bullying:

Actor Trevor Donovan’s mission to eradicate bullying brought him to the frontline to address children directly. He recently joined Deer Lakes Middle School in Pennsylvania to launch a special assembly focused on anti-bullying.

In 2019, Donovan started an initiative called Be the Kind Kid. However, when GAC Family became involved, the anti-bullying movement gained momentum and a name change to The Upstanders…

“The more positivity we can bring to these kids and the more inspiration to be a good person that’s just going to be contagious and it’s going to lay out a path for them on how they operate and exist through life,” he explained. “If you can start at this age, they’re going to have this core of being a certain kind of human being. The more kids we can influence in that direction I think the better our future is going to be.”

Donovan is known for his roles on television drama series 90210, NCIS, and has become a fan favorite of Hallmark and now GAC Family viewers. His work with GAC Family includes a starring role in JINGLE BELL PRINCESS and producer credits in upcoming projects.

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