Willie and Korie Robertson Discuss Gun Control After Home Break-In

Photo from Korie Robertson’s Instagram

Willie and Korie Robertson Discuss Gun Control After Home Break-In

By Movieguide® Staff

In the most recent episode of the new Facebook Watch series AT HOME WITH THE ROBERTSONS, DUCK DYNASTY’s Willie and Korie Robertson addressed the issue of gun control.

The couple revealed that earlier this year, they experienced a break-in.

“A lot of people, they can say they’re against them until something happens and then like, ‘Oh where’s the person with the gun?’ Or ‘I wish I had a gun,'” Korie said in the episode’s preview. “I know it happened this year to us like someone tried to break into our home and I was very glad Willie had a gun hidden somewhere and I got it out and I was sitting on my bed ready.”

Willie noted that there is often a waiting period when the cops are called and believes it is safer to be prepared.

“Well, if you would think, ‘We’ll just call the cops and they’ll show up’ – and that’s not the case,” Willie said. “When things happen it’s not the case that you can say, ‘Hang on. I gotta call the cops.’ Then you wait for the cops and then the cops get there and then you’re like, ‘OK. Back to your intruding or whatever you’re up to.'”

Korie added that the police arrived promptly but that she was thankful to have a “gun to defend myself.”

“But you know those moments you’re sitting there on your bed holding your gun, you know, wondering if someone’s going to bust through your door, I mean it’s scary. I was really thankful that I had it. I didn’t want to have to use it. But in that moment, when there’s an intruder in your home, I felt really, really thankful that I had a gun to defend myself,” Korie said.

As Movieguide® previously reported, though, the issue is less about gun control than debaters may think. Instead, Movieguide® hypothesized that the increase in gun violence is due to the erosion of the American family:

During all this time, there has been a steady erosion of the American family, along with a steady erosion of discipline in America’s “public” schools.

As they often say, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That said, it’s perfectly possible to improve America’s mental health system, improve our judicial system (including the ways law enforcement targets would-be mass killers), and stop doctors from prescribing drugs to control children’s behavior.

However, what do we do about improving the culture (especially the rampant depictions of sex and violence), that corrupts the hearts and minds of children and teenagers, especially those children and teenagers who may pick up a gun, or another weapon, to attack their fellow students and the teachers protecting them?

Maybe it’s time for people to start marching on Hollywood instead of marching on Washington.

And, while we’re at it, how about putting Jesus Christ, the Bible, prayer, church, and family back in the public schools and on our movie and video screens?

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