Zachary Levi on THE STAR’s Message of ‘True Hope, Peace, and Joy’

Photo from Zachary Levi’s Instagram

Zachary Levi on THE STAR’s Message of ‘True Hope, Peace, and Joy’

By Movieguide® Staff

As Christmas approaches, Movieguide® recognizes the movies and TV that keep Christ in Christmas, like 2017’s Movieguide® Award-winner, THE STAR.

Actor Zachary Levi plays the voice of Joseph in THE STAR, the uplifting, faith-filled animated movie about the birth of Jesus Christ.

“It’s the story of redemption, a story of hope, and true peace and true joy and an actual love and reconciliation with our Creator,” Levi told Movieguide®. “I mean, I personally relate to all that stuff.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

THE STAR is a wonderful, hilarious, deeply reverential animated family movie centered on the birth of Jesus, but from the perspective of a lowly donkey named Bo. Bo and his best friend, Dave the dove, have dreams of joining the royal parade. When Bo escapes his owner’s clutches, he finds himself accompanying a pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. Bo may be a part of a bigger adventure than he expected. However, the evil King Herod has his top soldier looking for the pregnant Mary.

THE STAR is tremendous fun, with wonderful lessons along the way. A touching story from a unique perspective, THE STAR sets itself apart from many of the other nativity movies. Obviously, the movie condenses and shifts a few incidents found in the Bible, but never sacrifices a very strong biblical Christian theology. However, the movie deftly balances the goofy fun of the animals with a deeply redemptive reverence for God and the birth of Jesus Christ. Overall, THE STAR is almost void of objectionable content. It’s a must-see Christmas movie for everyone.

Levi, also known for SHAZAM! and AMERICAN UNDERDOG, said that he believes more faith-based movies should strive for the same level of quality and effort as THE STAR.

“It’s an incredible artisanal team brought together by a big studio force like Sony… I just think there are a lot of faith-based films that just aren’t very good at all. I commend that they want to put their messaging out, good, positive messaging,” he told Movieguide®, “but you can have a really beautiful message wrapped up in crap packaging and nobody cares about the message at that point.

“It’s unfortunate because I think that if faith-based movie makers and faith-based audiences really want to start doing that and making it happen it’s got to be like this [THE STAR]. You got to make something that’s good, that has really a-plus teams working on it and animators and writers and directors and producers and actors.”