Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

ELLING is a cute Odd Couple-like story about two men released from a mental hospital and their plight to help each other to reenter reality. This foreign movie requires extreme caution due to a couple of off-screen, but aurally graphic sexual encounters and a humanist worldview with pagan elements.


(H, Pa, C, LL, V, SS, N, AA, D, M) Humanist worldview with pagan elements where men find their own way with the love and help of friends with several positive references to Jesus Christ, however, when a man is reminded of Him by the events around him; 19 obscenities (6 "f" words), three curses, three vulgarities, cursing on Christmas day rebuked, and sexual longings expressed; men slap own faces or bang heads on walls and furniture in frustration or anger, man faints due to his fear of the outdoors and institutionalized man speaks of his disrespect for his parents and that he would like to kill them; sounds of man losing his virginity and movie listens in on some of the $4,000 worth of phone sex the men make as they try to break their fear of using the phone (played for laughs); man attends poetry reading that is so crass that it makes him violently ill; glimpse of rear male nudity in lake and camera focuses on waitress's cleavage; champagne for celebration, wine to calm nerves and drunken, abandoned pregnant woman found in stairwell; smoking; and, man has built a small shrine to his mother and reincarnation is questioned.

GENRE: Comedy











More Detail:

ELLING is a quirky Norwegian comedy about a 40-year-old momma’s boy who has never left his own house, until after his momma dies. Soon after her death, Elling is found cowering in a closet and carted off to a state mental hospital for evaluation and social rehabilitation. His roommate at the institution is a tall, muscular redheaded man named Kjell Bjorne. Elling calls him “the Orangutan.” Kjell’s main focus seems to be women. He bemoans being a grown man and still a virgin. He looks forward to his first sexual encounter.

After two years in the hospital, the two men are given an apartment sponsored by the state so they can reenter reality. They must prove that they can be productive members of society. They have to shop, cook, use the phone, pay the bills all by themselves. The rest of the movie is about their plight to help each other apply courage against their fears, develop their characters, and discover the talents and skills that will give them a sense of identity that allows them to forge a living in the real world.

ELLING requires extreme caution due to a couple of off screen sexual encounters; one where phone sex played for laughs and another where sounds of fornication are heard. Furthermore, although there are several positive references to Jesus Christ when a man is reminded of Him by the events around him, the movie has a humanist worldview with pagan elements. The protagonists find their own way through life with the love and help of friends.

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