BAD DINOSAURS: Episodes 1.1 to 1.3

"Slapstick Dinosaur Comedy"

What You Need To Know:

BAD DINOSAURS is a lighthearted animated comedy series on Netflix aimed for children. The series follows a Tyrannosaurus Rex family, a mother and her three children. As with any siblings, BAD DINOSAURS sometimes shows the two older T-Rexes picking on their younger sibling. However, at the end of each episode, the family comes together and loves each other. The first three episodes show the family getting into many comical complications. For example, they encounter a flying dinosaur fighting with them over a swordfish in the first episode. Later, they encounter three giant creatures, a loud annoying dinosaur, two difficult triceratops, and some problems trying to find lunch.

The first three episodes of BAD DINOSAURS are funny throughout, and sometimes hilarious. The episodes feature some of the best visual comedy in animated programming in recent years. BAD DINOSAURS has a strong moral, pro-family worldview, with strong scenes of bonding between the mother dinosaur and her children. However, the series contains lots of slapstick comedy, comical peril and many jokes and comical situations about passing gas. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution, especially for younger children.


(BB, Ev, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral, pro-family worldview in a comical series of short stories promotes a positive relationship between a T-Rex mother and her children, having fun together as a family, and coming together at the end of the day no matter what the family has endured, with a few minor questionable elements such as violence between siblings, dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs, a mother going to any length to protect her children, and a few scary critters, plus the T-Rex family have a few feathers, implying an evolutionary connection to birds;

Foul Language:
No foul language, but there are multiple jokes and comical situations about passing gas, and a child triceratops urinates in a water hole for younger dinosaurs, which angers a baby T-Rex who splashes the contaminated water into the child’s eye, which gives it pink eye and angers its mother when the child starts crying;

Scenes of strong and light slapstick comedy and comical peril include sibling dinosaurs fight a flying dinosaur over a swordfish, flying dinosaur snatches the fish and the baby T-Rex away, baby leaps off a cliff to chase the flying dinosaur and fight it over the fish, mother T-Rex gets into a head-butt fight with two triceratops, two young T-Rex dinosaurs fight a giant shell creature, baby T-Rex angers a giant crab creature by eating its antenna, other dinosaurs run away from the giant angry crab, a dinosaur comically slams into a smaller dinosaur, T-Rex family fights a giant centipede trying to eat the children, the family finds a comical way to reduce the centipede in size and stick it on a cave wall using the creature’s own sticky slime, mother T-Rex tries to stop an annoying loud smaller dinosaur keeping her awake, but she twice lands in a large cactus, the loud dinosaur pushes the cactus into the mother after the mother trips over a trap she and her children tried to set for the dinosaur (the children comically fell asleep), the family chases a smaller dinosaur to eat it, but the dinosaur prey trips and falls into some muddy quicksand and no longer tastes delicious so it escapes, another tasty dinosaur farts on them when the mother holds its armored tail in her mouth, mother goes flying and hits her head on a rock when a tree vine she was holding snaps, an electric eel shocks two dinosaurs;

No sex;

No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs;

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Comical situations include some sibling rivalry in part of Episode One, dinosaurs get angry at one another, and a baby dinosaur tries to turn a tiny terrified mammal into a pet but eventually lets it go, but the little mammal is not grateful at all and throws a piece of fruit at the baby dinosaur.

More Detail:

BAD DINOSAURS is a lighthearted animated comedy series on Netflix aimed at children. MOVIEGUIDE® screened the first three episodes.

The program follows a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur family, a mother T-Rex and her three children, a pink baby T-Rex, a young purple T. Rex, and a young red T-Rex. Each episode contains three smaller episodes.

Episode One opens with all three T-Rex children spying on a Pterodactyl at a pond. The Pterodactyl sticks its beak into the water and catches a big swordfish. All the children rush the Pterodactyl to steal the swordfish. However, the older T-Rexes shut out their younger sibling, the baby pink T-Rex. The baby takes matters into its own hands and bites the Pterodactyl’s tail to steal the swordfish.

Just when baby T-Rex thinks it has the swordfish, the older siblings snatch the fish and keep it away from the baby. Suddenly, Mama T-Rex appears, and the older siblings run to her for love and attention. Meanwhile, the baby T-Rex takes the fish and begins to run away. After a series of crazy twists and turns, and passing gas, the Pterodactyl spots its fish from the sky and swoops down to reclaim its dinner.

However, that’s not all the Pterodactyl grabbed. It also catches the baby T-Rex. A series of comical, scary situations follows.

The other two mini episodes of Episode One finds the three children dealing with several tiny shellfish creatures. The baby T-rex knows how to eat the shellfish inside the shell, but the red T-Rex is perplexed. Meanwhile, the purple T-Rex enjoys just collecting the empty shells strewn about the area. The red T-Rex is angry that the baby knows how to eat the tiny shell creatures. He tries to tie down the baby, but he ends up waking up the large parent of the tiny creatures. A crazy battle ensues, leading to a funny conclusion.

The third mini episode of Episode One finds the family’s nest racing downhill when the nearby volcano starts rumbling. This causes all the vents near the nest to emit steam. Eventually, the nest comes to rest on a tiny pinnacle. The nest totters comically to and fro as the dinosaurs shift position with the purple dinosaur’s shell collection.

Episode Two of BAD DINISAURS begins with “Tricera-Cops.” In this segment, the Tyrannosaurus family is seen walking through the hot desert. They are all dehydrated and exhausted. A herd of smaller purple dinosaurs runs past, startling the family. The T-Rex family follows the herd and stumbles on a dinosaur oasis in the middle of the desert.

This oasis is filled with water holes, food and other dinosaurs. As the Tyrannosaurus family makes their way down to the oasis, they come across two triceratop dinosaurs who refuse to let them pass. Instead of being violent, the T-Rex mother tries to plead with the two Triceratops to let them pass. However, she fails to do so. When another Triceratops arrives, the two “Tricera-Cops” let it pass.

The T-Rex family devises a plan to disguise themselves as Triceratops. They are finally able to pass through, but the baby T-Rex ruins the decoy. The T-Rexes are forced to run as fast as they can to escape the “Tricera-Cops.” The mama Tyrannosaurus springs into action to protect her children. Just when she thinks she succeeds, the family is thrown out of the oasis. The mini episode ends with the family finding another way into the oasis.

The next part of Episode Two shows the family enjoying the oasis and its large water hole. Comical complications ensue, however, when the Baby T-Rex has a problem with a baby triceratops and its parent in a smaller pond. More complications ensue when the baby runs into some stegosauruses, a huge brontosaurus and an angry giant crab.

The final mini episode of Episode Two is a comical story about the baby T-Rex turning a tiny, terrified mammal creature into a pet. The mammal keeps trying to escape, but the baby refuses to let it go.

Episode Three begins with “The Sliming,” which has a spooky theme to it. In “The Sliming,” the T-Rex family is caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. The family finds a cave where their mother wants them all to hide in until the storm passes. Tired from the long trek, the mother Tyrannosaurus tries to sleep but her children are spooked by what’s in the back of the cave.

The lightning from the thunderstorm creates a giant shadow that stuns the children. Next, the children hear various noises coming from the back of the cave. The baby T-Rex runs to find out what the noise is. It returns covered in green glowing slime and appears to be in a trance like state.

When the mother awakens, the family is attacked by a giant centipede that captures the children in large sticky slime sacs to eat them. However, the family turns the tables on the giant creature.

The other two mini episodes of Episode Three are titled “Sound Bite” and “Failure to Lunch.” They involve an annoying little dinosaur that keeps the mother up early in the morning and a hunt to find some lunch.

The first three episodes of BAD DINOSAURS are funny throughout, and sometimes hilarious. The episodes feature some of the best visual comedy in an animated program in recent years. Each segment of the episodes is filled with vibrant animation and easy to understand stories, with no dialogue.

BAD DINOSAURS has a strong moral, pro-family worldview. The stories in the first three episodes are filled with genuine love from the mother T-Rex and portray the strong bond a mother has with her children. However, the series contains lots of slapstick comedy, comical peril and many jokes and comical situations about passing gas. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution.

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