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In the late 1990s, the police have been privatized and have become bounty hunters, and John Tucker is the fastest gun in town. No one would challenge him. Then, a mysterious young man appears, and he and Tucker form an uneasy partnership to battle the forces of the city’s most ruthless crime-lord, Jake Hoffman.

The young man, Billy, however, is no ordinary bounty hunter. He is, in fact, John Tucker’s unborn son, who has traveled back in time to save his own father’s life. However, something has gone wrong. His very presence here has changed things, so the two of them must set things right, or they themselves will cease to exist.

FUTURE ZONE , which is laced with obscenities, vulgarities and poor acting, has been on the shelf for a several years, having previously been entitled FUTURE FORCE II. I and III, as you might guess, have been laying around just as long, and should be avoided equally as well.

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