GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE: Season 9 Episodes 1-3

"Welcome to the Dollhouse!"

What You Need To Know:

GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE is a light-hearted TV series that transports children into an imaginary world where toys come to life. With a mixture of live action and animation, Gabby takes kids on adventures around her magical dollhouse. Each episode presents challenges she and her friends must navigate, teaching children problem-solving skills and the importance of teamwork.

GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE does contain some questionable moral content with the promotion of magic, talking animals, imaginary animals (we’re talking cat mermaids, kitty fairies and cupcake cats). However, the show promotes learning, the joy of play and creativity. GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE does not contain any violence, foul language, nudity or other immoral actions.


(BB, OO, FR):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview promotes a positive relationship between Gabby and her cat friends who often help one another by problem solving or by being there for one another. There are a few minor questionable elements such as the promotion of magic, magic potions, garden magic, cat mermaids, kitty fairies and cupcake cats.

Foul Language:
No foul language;


 No sex.

 No nudity.

Alcohol Use:
 No alcohol use.

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
 No smoking or drugs.

Miscellaneous Immorality:
 Some magical elements.

More Detail:

GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE is a light-hearted and fun TV series for children. GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE is a mixture of live-action and animation that includes bright colors, bright lights, music and cats. Gabby takes viewers on different adventures like DJ Catnip’s Music Festival and Cakey’s Birthday Bash.

During Episode One, Gabby asks viewers if they love music and hamster toys. The scene cuts to Gabby’s new cat house creation, which features bright LED lights, music, a stage and even her cat, Floyd, wearing sunglasses. Gabby shows off her hamster toys, each one plays a different instrument and has a place on the stage. Next comes the “Meow Meow Mailbox,” a cart shaped like a cat, that travels out of the wall (like a rollercoaster dip) to Gabby’s desk. The mailbox delivers a “kitty cat surprise box” covered in musical instruments like bells, a tambourine and a kazoo. The box contains DJ Catnip’s Music Festival party tickets.

Next, Gabby puts on her cat ears, pinches each ear, transforms to fit inside the dollhouse and becomes animated. She steps inside her dollhouse with her talking cat, Pandy. DJ Catnip arrives on a massive party bus that runs on singing power and looks like him. The three friends board the bus and travel around the dollhouse to see the different music festival shows. As the friends travel to different parts of the music festival, each song contains positive messages or an opportunity for learning.

Episode Two begins with Gabby in live-action form. She’s creating a birthday present for Cakey. The dollhouse delivery loops its way down to Gabby’s desk. The mailbox contains the Kitty Cat Surprise Box covered in sprinkles for Cakey’s birthday. A tiny cake that looks like Cakey is nestled in the box.

Gabby takes the present and the cake into the dollhouse to prepare for the best surprise party yet. Once inside, Cakey arrives, along with Pandy and Gabby. The three share a big hug and get to work to make Cakey’s birthday fun. Cakey can produce sprinkles whenever he wants to, but when he needs to add them to his cake, he finds out he is all out. He cries, but Gabby tells him she and Pandy will get him sprinkles.

Gabby and Pandy don’t know how to help Cakey get his sprinkles back, so they ask their friends to help. They visit MerCat, the mermaid cat, who tries her mermaid potion on Cakey, but it doesn’t work. MerCat accidentally confuses the potions, and Cakey becomes a giant, floating balloon. All the friends set off on an adventure to help Cakey return to normal. MerCat returns Cakey to normal through burping the air out of his body.

In Episode Three, Gabby and Pandy have a photoshoot in different settings, like a western scene, beach scene and space theme. Unfortunately, Pandy isn’t photogenic. He gets a Dollhouse Delivery of all his favorite snacks. The two friends transport into the Dollhouse to turn Pandy’s bad day into a good one.

Pandy and Gabby travel to the craft room to visit their friend Baby Box. They need help fixing a hole in Pandy’s backpack which made him lose his snacks. As Pandy and Gabby go on the hunt for Pandy’s snacks, he is plagued by multiple bad events. Whenever something bad happens to Pandy, another friend steps in to make his day better.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +1