Several profanities and obscenities; murder, revenge and graphic violence; rear male and female nudity; prostitution, fornication and sexual innuendoes; and, ridicule of Christianity.

More Detail:

Suspended for an overzealous pursuit of a crime lord known as The Iceman, police officer Jack Cates will go to prison unless he finds the elusive kingpin within 48 hours. Cates gets his only lead when he learns that the Iceman has put out a contract on the life of Reggie Hammond, who is finally to be released from prison five years after helping Cates crack the case from 48 HOURS.

Cates realizes that Reggie can be of assistance to him, only the additional five long, hard years Reggie has served in prison has caused their relationship to deteriorate, if not evaporate. Ready to make up for lost time, the last thing in the world Reggie wants is to play cop again with Cates.

However, outlaw bikers hired by the Iceman’s middleman, a small time drug dealer, attempt to annihilate Cates and Reggie. They want revenge on Cates, who killed one of the biker’s brother. Cates, however, continues to operate outside of the law, and after a barroom brawl, numerous assaults and tiresome sex jokes, the theater exit sign looks mighty inviting.

Cates and Reggie return to prison to gather from Reggie’s cell mate some inside information on their assailants. The pair deduce that the Iceman must be a crooked cop who fears that Reggie will identify him and blow his cover. He could even be the Internal Affairs police investigator, who has a keen interest in getting Cates off the force, but Reggie does not finger him as the one. The bikers, meanwhile, decide to kill everyone. In another violent, shoot-out barroom scene, the Iceman’s identity is finally revealed, and the film mercifully comes to an end.

This is a really bad film. Repetitive and monotonous shots of glass shattered by gunfire over and over again attempts to pass for drama. The comedy element centers solely around offensive and wearisome sexual innuendoes about Reggie’s having a bad day since being released from prison. With prostitution, nudity, a body in flames, non-stop murder, and a ridicule of Christianity, one would do well to give ANOTHER 48 HRS. as wide a berth as possible.

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