(CCC, VV) Strong Christian worldview; scenes of the death and destruction of the Holocaust by the National Socialists, and scenes from documentaries of naked dead bodies in mass graves.

GENRE: Biographical documentary



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After years of neglect, Dietrich Bonhoeffer has been re-discovered. In recent years, MOVIEGUIDE® has awarded a dramatic feature on Bonhoeffer as well as a documentary. One would think there was no more to be said, yet BONHOEFFER, a documentary by Martin Doublemeyer, shows that there is much more to be said.

This extremely well-constructed documentary highlights facts in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and his struggle against National Socialism that are extremely interesting and important. Furthermore, the documentary contains a lot of archival footage that is well worth viewing.

Bonhoeffer grew up in a privileged home. His father was a renowned psychiatrist. He expressed faith as a child and chose to go into the ministry, which surprised his parents. At Union Theological Seminary in New York, where he traveled to pursue further studies, he was known for his strong commitment to Jesus Christ. He also became enlivened by his contact with the African American church in America. Coming back to Germany, he spoke out against Adolph Hitler a mere three days after Hitler assumed office. He evolved into one of the great speakers against National Socialism at a time when 90 percent of the church, both Protestant and Catholic, were supporting Hitler.

This documentary is must viewing for those who have faith in Jesus Christ, for those who want to see the true role of the Church in society, and for those who need to understand that we should not worship politics.

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