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(BB, LL) Moral worldview, with some brief eclectic content; 16 obscenities, including two ‘f’ words and eight light profanities; no violence; no sex, but some sexual discussion; nude picture in background; and, nothing else objectionable

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Renowned movie director Sydney Pollack directs and produces his first feature documentary in SKETCHES OF FRANK GEHRY, a fascinating portrait of the acclaimed architect.

Frank Gehry, born Frank Goldberg, is the leading architect in the world today. In many ways, the movie points out how he has freed architecture from its traditional limitations because of his approach to architecture as an artist. His created works, such as the Dillard Building in New York, or the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, or the Bank Building in Germany, look more like sculpture than they do like architecture. Yet time after time in this documentary, the people for whom the building is being built proclaim how well his buildings serves their function.

This very compelling movie teaches us several things without being didactic. First, it shows that passion can triumph over a multitude of limitations. Next, it shows that we shouldn’t be scared of taking a risk. It teaches a lot about how a creative mind works, and the importance of light and shape in architecture. It teaches a lot about life. What it doesn’t do, however, is show that there are real limitations in Gehry’s work. His uniqueness is that he captures the vision put upon his heart, and that very uniqueness sometimes produces art that is not pleasing.

It is rare to find a documentary that is so much fun and inspiring to watch. Sydney Pollack’s greatness as a filmmaker has been shown in many dramatic movies, including OUT OF AFRICA, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, and THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY?, and JEREMIAH JOHNSON. This brilliance shines through in SKETCHES OF FRANK GEHRY, and the insights provided are timeless. Bravo!

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