Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

When Olympic ex-hockey player Doug and figure skater Kate team up to get ready for the Olympic skating try-outs, sparks fly as they bicker and fuss all the way to the Olympics. With sexual innuendo, suggested fornication, drinking and drunkenness, and some rough language, the movie, despite some virtuoso skating and fairly credible acting and plot, cannot be recommended.


(LL, S, A/D) Up to 25 obscenities & 3 or 4 profanities; implied fornication; and, drinking & drunkenness.

More Detail:

In THE CUTTING EDGE, when ex-U.S. Olympic hockey player Doug Brewer sustains an injury, he takes up figure skating with Kate, a temperamental partner. They train for the U.S. Olympic team. Kate treats Doug shabbily, directing caustic remarks toward him. Kate’s miserable treatment continues for a few months with Doug trying to get even with her. At Christmas, however, Doug brings Kate a cherished shirt from a fellow hockey player, while Kate gives him a copy of GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Doug appears disturbed at the New Year’s party, when he meets Kate’s fiance, Hal, an MBA from Harvard. However, by the time of the Olympic tryouts in Chicago, they achieve an undeniable artistry on the ice. As they celebrate, Kate gets drunk. When Doug helps her to her room, Kate turns on him, they quarrel, and he leaves in a huff. To retaliate, Doug spends the night with another skater. So, the feud continues until the night of the final trials.

THE CUTTING EDGE has much to recommend it: dazzling skating and costumes; a credible, interesting plot, and fairly good acting. Regrettably, Doug’s committing fornication, Kate getting drunk, and the generally bad language, fatally mar the film.

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