"Saving the World One Legoman at a Time"


What You Need To Know:

THE LEGO MOVIE is an animated comedy about a heroic underdog. Emmet is just a regular guy until one day he finds the peace of resistance. As a prophecy goes, whoever finds this powerful tool is said to be the “special one” who will save the world. No one would expect Emmet to be “the special one,” but he has a good heart and tries to help. Emmet only has three days before a deceitful dictator posing as a good guy destroys the world.

Extremely well done, THE LEGO MOVIE is hilarious. The animation is top notch, and the characters are clever. THE LEGO MOVIE stresses sacrifice and a father-son relationship. There’s also a political message. The villain in the movie is a dictator who stifles creativity and wants to control everything. All ages will enjoy THE LEGO MOVIE. However, there is some confusing content in that the villain calls himself President Business, but he tyrannically opposes a free market for business. THE LEGO MOVIE is a hilarious movie with great animation and a strong moral worldview containing a strong Christian allegory.


(CC, BB, CapCap, ACAC, V, N, M) Strong Christian, moral, almost allegorical worldview, with allusions to Jesus, as a prophecy is being fulfilled when a man comes in ordinary form to save the world and must sacrifice himself and comes back to life, though some things at the end of the movie skews this a little to say the prophecy was made up, plus character has an epiphany of “the man upstairs” who gives him purpose, moral message of father and son building a relationship, and a strong capitalist, libertarian message of freedom to build and not be under the law of a deceitful communist, fascist dictator who wants to control all the media, products, thought, and laws; no foul language but some scatological humor; action animated violence of falling through holes and breaking through walls, buildings, etc., but nothing too graphic for children; no sexual content or kissing though one character is seen as a bit of a “player”; no nudity though Lego men have their shirt and pants off, which of course is animated so nothing is revealing; old western bar scene; no smoking or drug use though one character is a bit of a hippie and the epiphany scenes seem a bit druggy; and, bad guy lies and has an ironic name that is confusing, but no other objectionable content.

More Detail:

THE LEGO MOVIE is an animated comedy about an underdog hero carrying the key to peace, who must battle a wannabe dictator in order to save the world. THE LEGO MOVIE is a hilarious movie with great animation and a Christian, moral worldview.

Emmet is just a regular guy who follows all the rules in place. Everything has been spelled out for Emmet and the citizens of his city by the ironically named President Business. Not only does President Business own all the products produced, he also controls the media and wants to control all thought and all creativity. So, without the people noticing, they are really under the thumb of a real dictator.

One night Emmet is getting off work and finds a woman named Wyldstyle who isn’t following directions. When Emmet goes to tell her, he falls into a huge hole. At the bottom, Emmet sees a powerful object calling to him. Emmet touches the object and gets a vision. The object sticks to Emmet. Then, when he comes out of the hole, Wyldstyle tells Emmet that the object will grant the town peace, and he is “the special one” who is to fulfill the “prophecy of peace.”

Suddenly, a policeman named Bad Cop comes to chase Emmet and Wyldstyle to get the object. Wyldstyle saves Emmet by creating a car. This is something new for Emmet, because he’s never created anything outside of the instructions. The two get away from the cops, but go through different worlds that Emmet never knew existed. Arriving at the old west, Wyldstyle and Emmet meet up with Vitruvius, who knows the prophecy.

Vitruvius and Wyldstyle explain that they are master builders who create things without instructions. Because of this, President Business has banished them. The three learn that President Business plans to destroy the world in three days, but Vitruvius believes Emmet is the key to saving the world.

The name of the villain in THE LEGO MOVIE is a bit confusing, unless one remembers the mercantile nature of National Socialism, the Marxist heresy of Hitler and Mussolini which made industry a ward of the state rather than a slave of the state. For the best historical analysis of National Socialism (so-called Nazi) and the Leninist Marxist heresy of Soviet Socialist International Socialism, please read the excellent history MODERN TIMES by Prof. Paul Johnson. Mussolini, by the way, was a communist who modified his version in Italy after he became El Duce. Thus, Prof. Johnson points out that Mussolini had a will to office more than a will to the total, murderous power of Lenin, Stalin and the other tyrannical communists who killed millions in cold blood for there own pleasure, or even the other national socialist, Adolf Hitler, who thought his heresy was more effective for controlling society. Even so, all socialism is repressive and oppressive.

That said, THE LEGO MOVIE has a very interesting prophecy about a seemingly ordinary man saving the world by sacrificing himself, though there are some points at the end that skew this Christian allusion a little. Overall, therefore, THE LEGO MOVIE has a Christian, moral worldview emphasizing sacrifice. There’s also a political message. Contrary to what his name suggests, the movie’s villain is stifling creativity and trying to control everything produced in Legoland. The good guys are fighting against this dictator’s anti-capitalist control. That said, the filmmakers should have changed the villain’s name to something more reflective of his evil nature.

Extremely well done, THE LEGO MOVIE is hilarious throughout. The animation is top notch and the characters are clever. The story and plot are also well done and keep audiences entertained. Not only will children like this movie, but adults also will enjoy it for the clever elements and characters. However, because of the confusion in the villain’s name and some scatological humor, MOVIEGUIDE® advises some caution.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +1