Season 1, Episode 4 - LES MISERABLES (2019): Episode 4


Number:Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date:05/05/2019


What You Need To Know:

In the fourth episode of LES MISERABLES, Cosette has grown into a young woman. She and Jean Valjean leave the convent and find the streets of Paris filled with poverty and political unrest. Though Valjean tries to sequester Cosette away from danger, her curiosity about the real world outside the convent leads to an unwelcome meeting with the innkeepers and introduces Cosette to a young man named Marius. Raised by his aristocratic grandfather to believe that political revolutionaries (including his own father) were traitors, Marius is horrified when he discovers his father was actually a war hero. This discovery leads him to leave behind his privileged life and join the impoverished political radicals calling for revolution.

While earlier episodes of LES MISERABLES depicted poverty and prostitution in a somber and painful manner, the fourth episode displays it in a flagrant, angry fashion. One of the most notable scenes involves a brothel where all manner of sexual immorality is hinted at or openly revealed. The intensity of the episode is purposeful. It sets the tone for revolution by revealing the depth of destitution faced by the poor. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for this episode’s lewd content.


(BBB, CCC, PP, HoHo, L, VV, Ho, SS, NN, AA, D, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
  Very strong Christian and biblical worldview with the depiction of a crucifix, nuns, a convent, a girl praying with a rosary, references made to God, church, generosity, kindness, and an emphasis placed on the father/daughter relationship, strong patriotic elements with revolutionaries looking to fight injustice, poverty and class disparities, plus an overt homosexual scene where a man briefly caresses another man in a brothel;

Foul Language:
 Two light profanities;

 Strong and light violence with men in a chain gang shown being beaten, a man slaps his daughter across the face, thugs attack a man and then bind him and threaten violence on his daughter while threatening him with a hot poker, man burns himself with a hot poker, a group of men fight and brawl;

 Strong sexual content includes men visit a brothel where couples can be seen groping one another, a man is briefly shown caressing another man, men are briefly shown groping an unwilling woman, a woman performs a seductive dance, and a man has an erotic dream;

 Brief upper female nudity in one scene;

Alcohol Use:
 Wine served at dinner, and men drink at a tavern and get drunk several times;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
 Man smokes a pipe but no drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
 Stealing, lying, blackmail, some anger.


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