DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN Cast Reunites 22 Years After Series Finale

Photo via Jane Seymour Instagram

DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN Cast Reunites 22 Years After Series Finale

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Twenty-two years after the DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN series finale aired, the cast reunited via Zoom this week and shared memories from the set.

Jane Seymour, who played Michaela Quinn, recounted the time musician Johnny Cash guest starred in four episodes as Kid Cole.

“I remember the time, it was like three or four in the morning, and we were filming in the little shed up somewhere and we had a pigsty. And [Johnny Cash’s wife] June was sitting with me and all of us in the pigsty. And she was eating her dinner off of Meissen China with George and silver,” Seymour recalled.

The HIGH STRUNG FREE DANCE actress continued, “And she said, ‘Honey, I’m just too old and too rich and too famous to be doing this.’ And I said, ‘Sadly, I’m not.’ She said, ‘How do we speed this up?’ And then Johnny looked at us and he took his prop guitar and he went into the set and he started serenading the crew. And they suddenly went super quiet. And they got that thing fixed super quick and they got a free concert by Johnny Cash. True story.”

Other popular memories included reminiscing on Quinn’s on-screen romance.

DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN fans rooted for the on-screen romance between Seymour and co-star Joe Lando (Byron Sully).

Seymour revealed that the two of them did have a romance while filming the pilot of the show, but instead decided on being friends.

They have remained friends to this day.

Seymour and Lando previously starred in Hallmark’s PERFECTLY PRUDENCE movie in 2011 where Seymour’s real daughter portrayed her on-screen daughter.

The show’s reunion is just one of the latest TV casts to come together to inspire and encourage fans during the COVID-19 virus and other tumultuous events.