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10 Movies That Remind You How Much You Love Your Mom

These moms encouraged, protected, cared for, inspired, and taught their children morals and standards for living. Take a look at some of the best portrayals of mothers in movies:


1. Leigh Anne Touhy, The Blind Side



the blind side movie still

Actor: Sandra Bullock


2. Marmee, Little Women




Actor: Susan Sarandon


3. Mrs. Miniver, Mrs. Miniver




Actor: Greer Garson


4. Elastigirl, The Incredibles




Actor: Helen Parr


5. Kate Baker, Cheaper by the Dozen




Actor: Bonnie Hunt


6. Tanya Anderson, Akeelah and the Bee




Actor: Angela Bassett


7. Elsie Hickam, October Sky




Actor: Natalie Canerday


8. Maria Von Trapp, The Sound of Music




Actor: Julie Andrews


9. Nina Banks, Father of the Bride




Actor: Diane Keaton


10. Kanga, Winnie the Pooh



Actor: Kanga