Alexa PenaVega Believes in the Power of Redemption Stories

Photo from Alexa PenaVega’s Instagram

Alexa PenaVega Believes in the Power of Redemption Stories

By Movieguide® Contributor

Alexa PenaVega believes that God cares about the details of our lives and wants to make movies that point back to Him.

“[Some] people view God as either transactional or just dead, like nonexistent,” the SPY KIDS actress told CBN News. “They don’t realize how embedded He is in your life, like from when you were in your womb…He loves you. He knew you. He knit you together.”

She wants to remind her fans of God’s love for them through her movies, reflecting on the importance of sharing redemptive storylines.

“I think the biggest thing is finding characters that…are broken, like all of us, but really have that redemption in the end,” she said. “And…it doesn’t have to be a faith-based movie.

PenaVega went on to explain how some non-Christian moviemakers simply make what they “think” is a faith-based film without truly understanding God’s redemptive plan.

“So, their idea of what they think is a faith-based movie, that’s why they look the way they do. A lot of the actors aren’t really like faith-based or, if they are, it’s like very loose, very new. So, you get these movies that are made by people who don’t actually have a relationship with God. And that’s why they look the way that they do.”

Regarding her and her husband, Carlos PenaVegas’s, acting career, their goal is to fill in the gap between secular and faith-based content.

“We’re actually trying to bring together people — and not to say that we only want to work with, you know, Christian people, not at all — but when you are creating content with people who actually really know God, and talk to God, and understand God, the content is going to look very different,” she said.

Recently, the PenaVegas joined Great American Pure Flix in the movie MR. MANHATTAN.

Bill Abbott, President & CEO of Great American Media, said of the couple, “Carlos and Alexa are audience favorites and so beloved for their commitment to family on and off the screen, which is the foundation of MR. MANHATTAN. And we are excited about a number of additional projects in development with these two enormously talented actors.”

The couple has opened up in the past about how much they enjoy acting together.

“A lot of people say that they don’t like watching couples on screen because there’s no chemistry because they know each other so well that there’s not this flirty back-and-forth,” Alexa said in a recent interview. “But we’re so flirty in real life that I don’t know, we just have so much fun together.”

The PenaVegas recently suffered a stillbirth. Movieguide® reported on how they’ve been relying on God’s strength amid this difficult time:

Alexa PenaVega doesn’t know how people get through tough times without God.

The SPY KIDS actress, along with her husband Carlos, recently suffered the loss of their fourth child, Indy, who was stillborn.

“I don’t know how people do it without God because we can’t explain it other than it was like supernatural peace that didn’t make sense,” Alexa told Fox News Digital. “It doesn’t make sense. It’s beyond understanding. Because after it all happened, obviously we were devastated. It was heartbreaking. And yet we felt like God was just telling us, ‘Hey, I am so sorry you had to go through this, but I am here for you, and I’m going to make a way for you.’”

She explained how despite the major loss, she knows it is not God’s fault that this happened.

“God didn’t take our baby away. I think that’s one of those things that, you know, things happen in life, but just because you go through something bad, sometimes I hear people say like, ‘I can’t believe God let that happen.’ I’m like, God didn’t let that happen, but God is going to make a way for you to get through that.”

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