Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Experienced God’s ‘Supernatural Peace’ After Stillbirth

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Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Experienced God’s ‘Supernatural Peace’ After Stillbirth

By Movieguide® Contributor

Alexa PenaVega doesn’t know how people get through tough times without God.

The SPY KIDS actress, along with her husband Carlos, recently suffered the loss of their fourth child, Indy, who was stillborn.

“I don’t know how people do it without God because we can’t explain it other than it was like supernatural peace that didn’t make sense,” Alexa told Fox News Digital. “It doesn’t make sense. It’s beyond understanding. Because after it all happened, obviously we were devastated. It was heartbreaking. And yet we felt like God was just telling us, ‘Hey, I am so sorry you had to go through this, but I am here for you, and I’m going to make a way for you.'”

She explained how despite the major loss, she knows it is not God’s fault that this happened.

“God didn’t take our baby away. I think that’s one of those things that, you know, things happen in life, but just because you go through something bad, sometimes I hear people say like, ‘I can’t believe God let that happen.’ I’m like, God didn’t let that happen, but God is going to make a way for you to get through that.”

She explained how when the enemy brings trials into our lives, God will be with us the entire way through.

“Just because the enemy throws fiery arrows at you doesn’t mean that God isn’t going to make a way. Like those arrows are still going to come at you, but he’s going to provide shelter. He’s going to help you with some shields. He’s going to get you through the seasons. And he got us through that season,” she added.

Movieguide® previously reported on how the couple are continuing to lean on God:

“His intention was not for us to feel this pain…He is going to turn this pain around, and He’s going to give us pain with purpose,” she continued. “I feel like if there was a slogan for this season we’re going through, it’s called ‘pain with purpose.’ …When you give your pain to God, He will turn it into purpose.”

While a heartbreaking event like this is never easy, the couple has found solace in God from the start. When they first announced the crushing news, they pointed to Christ, explaining how they still found hope and joy despite their pain.

“There are never the right words to say when it comes to less. After a beautiful and peaceful delivery our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest,” the couple wrote in a joint Instagram post released in mid-April. “It has been a painful journey. But in the pain we have found peace. God continues to hold us in His arms.”

The couple recently made their first red carpet appearance since Indy’s death for the premiere of their Great American Family movie MR. MANHATTAN.

“In MR. MANHATTAN, Mason Bradley (Carlos PenaVega) makes a promise to his brother and sister-in-law to be godfather to their newborn son (and future children). Mason has exciting news of his own: he’s just been accepted to Columbia Law School, which comes as a shock to his fiancé, Dani (Alexa PenaVega),” a synopsis reads. “Ten years on, Mason is surround[ed] by big city life and obsessed with becoming partner in his firm. He and Dani have broken up. Just when Mason feels personal success is at hand, he receives an unimaginable call. His brother and sister-in-law have tragically been killed in a car accident. Mason is now a single father with two children.”

“Carlos and Alexa are audience favorites and beloved for their commitment to family on and off the screen, which is the foundation of MR. MANHATTAN,” said Bill Abbott, President and CEO of Great American Media. “And we are excited about a number of additional projects in development with these two enormously talented actors.”

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