Astronaut Victor Glover Prayerfully Prepares Launch to the Moon

Photo from NASA’s Instagram

Astronaut Victor Glover Prayerfully Prepares Launch to the Moon

By Movieguide® Contributor  

As NASA prepares to send astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972, Victor Glover, one of the astronauts that will be aboard Artemis II, plans to travel with his bible and pray on his journey.

Glover puts his faith first as he is vocal about it. While he served on the mission at the international space station, Glover often joined his Houston church online and brought communion elements with him to space.  

As he prepares for Artemis II, prayer has been a major focus for Glover.  

“I know that God can use us for his purposes,” Glover stated to Christianity Today. “When Jesus was teaching the disciples to pray, he used that very specific prayer that we all know, ‘Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name …’ So, listen, I am a messenger of his kingdom; his will be done.” 

In addition to his technological achievement, Glover will also become the first black man that the United States has sent to space.  

However, Glover does not want that being a conversation component leading up to the mission.  

“I don’t want to be divisive,” Glover expressed. “I want to represent the American people.” 

“In the United States, we’re still divided,” he added. “I hope that this mission can be an example of peace and cooperation between countries, but also between groups [within my country].” 

As prayer will remain a huge part of Glover’s preparation to help NASA expand the space exploration program, his hope is to bring his physical bible with him to space.  

Glover plans to pray for his fellow crew members as well as encourage others to pray for them.  

“Pray for our crew,” Glover stated. “Pray for the hardware. Pray for the team all around the world that support this. And the hardest mission of all is the one our families are about to embark on. If you could pray for our families, that would be amazing.” 



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