BACHELORETTE Contestant: I Believe in Miracles

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BACHELORETTE Contestant: I Believe in Miracles

By Movieguide® Staff

THE BACHELORETTE contestant Zac Clark opened up recently about his past addictions and how he believes something Divine set him free.

“I believe in miracles. I shouldn’t be sitting here,” Clark told the cameras during a recent episode.

The comments came after Clark’s date with bachelorette Tayshia Adams. He told Adams how he developed a painkiller addiction after surgery to remove a brain tumor. At the time, Clark was married.

“I was hanging out with some sketchy people,” Clark said. Over the course of his addiction, his wife left him, he got arrested, and got a DUI.

“For the next eight months, it got pretty gnarly in a bad way. Scary,” he said. “It was touch and go. Moments of, ‘I’m not sure if I’m going to make it to tomorrow.'”

His breaking point occurred when a bank teller called his father when he tried to withdraw money from his father’s account to buy drugs.

“That moment had some type of spiritual, crazy moment of clarity,” Clark said.

After that moment, Clark went to rehab for four and a half months. Clark now serves on the board of that same facility.

According to Newsweek:

Clark uses his own recovery to advocate for the health of others. He’s the co-founder of Release Recovery, a recovery home organization that aims to create strong foundations for those entering the recovery process from drugs or alcohol.

The group has three recovery homes in New York. “Through our individualized 4 Tier recovery program, clients will learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency,” the website explains. “Release is more than just a place to live. Release is a community dedicated to helping clients discover their potentials and live their best lives.”

Clark’s new lifestyle inspires those around him.

“[He’s] Just a great guy,” said BACHELORETTE host Chris Harrison, while revealing the suitors during an online broadcast. “This guy has a heart of gold. Starts out slow out of the gates, his demeanor, his personality, he’s a quiet guy.”


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