CATCHING FAITH 2 Actress and Writer Explains Her Heart for a Multi-Generational Storyline

Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Boylan on Instagram

CATCHING FAITH 2 Actress and Writer Explains Her Heart for a Multi-Generational Storyline

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

CATCHING FAITH 2 actress and writer Alexandra Boylan wanted to do something a bit different for her new project CATCHING FAITH 2, which releases on DVD September 3, 2019. For Boylan, a multi-generational story seemed to connect with her because of her past and her passion for caring for others.

“I think a lot of people can relate to a lot of people are caring for their parents while they’re still trying to care for their kids, you know, [the] elderly,” Boylan said.

The first CATCHING FAITH movie follows the Taylor family and their daily ups and downs. After debating on starting the squeal with a new family, Boylan felt prompted to continue on with the Taylor family’s narrative.

“[My team] really look[s] at it like a three-woman generation story,” Boylan explained. “‘Where would Alexa Taylor be four years later while her kids have gone to college, and she’s caring for her mother?’ We were like, ‘what if she’s caring for her mother, who now has dementia, and then her daughter comes home and wants to get married?’ That was where the heart of [the movie] started, with three women generation, a woman trying to care for her mother and also be a mother to her daughter at the same time.”

Boylan’s mother painted a great picture of what it means to have a servant attitude to those in different generations.

“My mother took care of my grandfather, with dementia for 10 years and our home.” Boylan finds that not enough people talk about the changes in life’s seasons, so she wanted the camera and script to reflect that. “We wanted to show that people are not alone,” she added.

Boylan intentionally made movie’s protagonist is the mother of the Taylor family, Alexa.

“We wanted to tell a female-driven story, we wanted to tell it from a woman’s perspective. We didn’t see a lot of that sort of [storyline] in the landscape of faith-based film. So, we were really excited, even though we have football in it.”

Boylan plays the antagonist, Jezi in the movie, alongside Christian actress and former Victoria Secret model Nicole Weider.

The ability to make a sequel movie and hone in on her filmmaking craft, Boylan affirms, is a measure of God’s hand guiding her in her life.

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“I moved to LA to be an actress, I pursued it, I pounded the pavement for 10 years, and I was like, oh my gosh, God, maybe this isn’t what you want for my life, and I need to let it go. That was like one of the hardest decisions I made in my life was to surrender and say, okay, God, I’m not going to be an actor. It’s been 10 years; I’ve got to figure out something else in my life…

Things weren’t clear to her just yet though. “In 2009, [I] packed up my bags, and I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I went out there to re surrender my life to the Lord and be like, okay, God, what do you want me to do with my life? I know, no longer want to be in charge of whatever I’m doing. Is [this] working God?

Boylan didn’t know that God had other filmmaking opportunities in store for her with directing and producing and working with a new team who would help her on CATCHING FAITH and CATCHING FAITH 2.

Boylan wants to add love and hope to a broken world. She said, “It’s about what can I create and contribute to bring light into the darkness of this world…. I look back thinking that that was a tragedy that I lost the career that I was going after and God and was like, ‘No, no, I have a better path for your life.’”

Currently, Boylan and her team are in post-production for their Kairos Prize-winning movie called SWITCHED that stars Denise Richards and John Schneider.


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