The Bible as Divine Revelation: Another Look at the Museum of the Bible

Photo via Museum of the Bible. © Museum of the Bible, 2016.

The Bible as Divine Revelation: Another Look at the Museum of the Bible

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC has become one of the supreme museums for understanding and experiencing the Old and New testament Bible as the living word of God written. Several of us were on the initial design committee and were concerned that some of the initial design suggestions. That concern has been refuted by the actual Museum. The Museum of the Bible lights up the Word of God and helps us understand Jesus, His teachings and the remarkable work of His Word Written throughout history.

There are some very wonderful exhibits in the museum. The New Testament Theater is a 270 degree theater that immerses us in the story of Jesus and how the church grew into a thriving community. The World of Jesus is like stepping into Nazareth village or any of the historical sites in current Israel. An extremely exciting exhibit is the Washington Revelations, a multisensory tour that makes you experience flying past the biblical references in and around Washington, DC.

The Museum of the Bible should be one of the first places to go when visiting Washington, DC. It is that important, that entertaining and that well worth recommending.

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