The Critics Choice Award Event Is Worthwhile and Fun

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“BELFAST – Official Trailer – Only In Theaters November 12”

The Critics Choice Award Event Is Worthwhile and Fun

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The major entertainment industry trades cover all the awards, often identifying those awards with many opportunities to get together with the talent and leaders with a surplus of alcohol, versus other awards, like the Oscars, that are all business, except for the inner circle. This year’s Critics Choice Awards event gave us an opportunity to talk to some of the top people in Hollywood in a casual, relaxed way.

Jean Smart, a MOVIEGUIDE® Award winner and presenter, as well as a Critics Choice winner, said she wants to return to the MOVIEGUIDE® Awards, where she made an impassioned plea for family entertainment so that her children could have positive movies and entertainment to watch.

Will Smith, who’s made several MOVEGUIDE® Award winning movies, won the award for Best Actor for KING RICHARD, where he played the father of tennis megastars Venus and Serena Williams. He and I discussed the fact that our children went to the same evangelical Christian school in Southern California, which delighted him so much he stopped talking to anyone else. The Williams sisters told me they were happy that MOVIEGUIDE® also appreciates their movie.

Andrew Garfield was amused by my comment that he was terrific in the latest SPIDER-MAN movie starring Tom Holland where they brought him and Tobey McGuire back as Spider-Man. Specifically, I said, “You did a good job impersonating Tom Holland, but you’re too tall.”

We talked to many other people.

For instance, I talked to Michael Keaton, who is almost my age, to talk about the importance about his family, and we discussed both our families, and Denzel Washington, who always keeps the faith and is a strong supporter of families.

Finally, I got to talk to the actor who played the father in BELFAST, Jamie Dornan, and the young boy who played his son, Jude Hill. Jude is a bright, polite, impressive young man. BELFAST was one of our favorite movies last year. The cast deservedly won the Critics Choice Award for best ensemble.

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