Former NFL Star Tobias Dorzon Launches Cooking Show on ESPN+

Photo from Tobias Dorzon’s Instagram

Former NFL Star Tobias Dorzon Launches Cooking Show on ESPN+

By Movieguide® Contributor

ESPN+ has launched an original cooking show that combines sports and cooking through professional-football-player-turned-chef Tobias Dorzon.

“TIMOEOUT WITH TOBIAS whisks its audience away on a tantalizing journey, as Chef Tobias welcomes a roster of star athletes to his kitchen to don aprons instead of jerseys,” the show’s description reads. “From the aromatic Seafood Gumbo he concocts with the New York Jets’ Tanzel Smart to the exquisite flavors of King Crab Asian Garlic Noodles he prepares with NFL draft prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux, each episode is a feast for the senses.”

“TIMEOUT WITH TOBIAS is more than a cooking show, it’s an experience that combines the excitement of sports with the art of cooking,” the description continues. “Viewers will be treated to compelling stories from their favorite athletes, fun games that put a competitive spin on the cooking process, and ultimately, dishes that are as memorable as they are delicious.”

During his time in the NFL, Dorzon played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans. He attended culinary school during the off-season, following his father’s example to become a professional chef. He opened his first restaurant in 2014, a food truck in Washington, D.C., which he ran for four years. He has since opened three more restaurants.

Dorzon’s unusual story caught the eye of Food Network executives, and he was invited to compete in GUY’S GROCERY GAMES and TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

“My journey to the culinary world has been unique and unexpected,” Dorzon said in a statement. “Going from the NFL to following in my father’s footsteps as a classically trained chef was a turn I never saw coming, but it has been a blessing in so many ways.”

“Being embraced by fans and culinary icons like Guy Fieri on numerous Food Network competitions has been an honor and a stepping stone to other opportunities,” Dorzon continued. “Teaming up with Andscape and ESPN+ has been special as it allows me to combine my love for sports and food.”

“TIMEOUT WITH TOBIAS is for the sports fan who loves to eat and cook, providing game-time recipes and delicious dishes that are easy to make,” he added. “We’ve taken some of the most complex dishes and simplified them, all while keeping the gourmet flavor. This show is for sports fans who love to cook and eat, and I hope to elevate their culinary experience with each episode.”

Dorzon took time to thank God after the show wrapped filming. “Before I say anything I want to thank the big man upstairs,” he posted on Instagram. “Without you none of this is even possible.”

The show is now available to stream on ESPN+.

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