FINDING YOU Cast, Director Share How Their New Romance Movie Spreads Joy and Hope

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FINDING YOU Cast, Director Share How Their New Romance Movie Spreads Joy and Hope

By Movieguide® Staff

FINDING YOU stars Jedidiah Goodacre and Rose Reid, and director Brian Baugh shared how their new light-hearted romance can offer audiences joy. 

“It was really just to have some fun and to and to create a movie with joy and inspiration,” director Brian Baugh said. “I think having done some more heavy films previously, it was really exciting to do something where the trailer would just be something where people go, ‘Wow, I just want to go see that for a great time and a bit of escapism.'”

Both Goodacre and Reid revealed their excitement to film the movie in Ireland.  

“When you do go watch the film, you’re gonna want to go to Ireland,” Goodacre told Movieguide®. “It is so unbelievably green and luscious. The people over there are so cool and fun, and it’s just a light-hearted place. It’s a very romantic place. I think this film does very well to have Ireland as its backdrop. It’s almost like an extra character in the film.”

His co-star Reid added: “That’s what I love about it, is that, especially during this dark time, it’s giving people the opportunity to kind of travel away virtually and get to experience Ireland. But it was so incredible. It was gorgeous. But there was something more about it, there was something deeper than just the beauty. It was the culture, it was the people, it was the way that the air smelled, the way that the food tasted. It was just so unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It was amazing.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads

FINDING YOU is a romantic drama. When Finley doesn’t do well in her violin audition, she decides to visit Ireland for inspiration. On the plane, Finley sits next to Beckett, a Hollywood heartthrob who’s shooting a movie in the same small Irish town she’s visiting. Finley judges Beckett as having a big ego. When she gets to the Bed and Breakfast where she’s staying, she finds Beckett’s also staying there. Meanwhile, Finley finds an old sketchbook where her late brother drew a local cross he found. Finley longs to find the cross and the peace her brother had before he died.

FINDING YOU is a fun, wholesome movie. The storyline is a typical romance, and the acting isn’t award winning, but the movie’s enjoyable. FINDING YOU has a strong Christian worldview about loving and helping others, forgiveness, finding peace in the Cross of Christ, and seeking purpose and meaning in life beyond fame and fortune. FINDING YOU shows a wholesome romantic relationship media-wise viewers will enjoy. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children because of light, brief foul language and a bar scene.

One of the central themes is how characters find purpose and realizing that they are not alone in their pain. 

“That’s something we decided very early on, while developing her characters that her mom doesn’t really support her too much. We don’t know where her dad is. We don’t know that her brother passed away. So she feels very alone,” Reid says of her character Finley. “And so I think when she reads that [Bible] verse at the end, it’s this reminder that she was never alone, that she wasn’t by herself when she was walking through all of these hard times. And I think that that was kind of what she was seeking; some kind of security and some kind of certainty. And I think she found that and she knew that her brother had imagined that and had given that gift to her in a time that she would need it most.”

Baugh added: “I think she really at the beginning experiences failure, right, which so often rocks our world. And the great blessing of it is that it puts you in a place where you’re really open to finding the answer. And so I think that was one of the reasons for her to take this journey, it is to go discover what she needs and what’s missing. And I think in the end, she is comforted and that’s really, just the sense of she isn’t alone even in the pain, was the hope that we can leave people with.”

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