GOD’S NOT DEAD Producer Russell Wolfe Passes Away


GODS NOT DEAD Producer Russell Wolfe Passes Away

Wednesday night May 27th, 2015, a dear friend of Movieguide® passed away after battling with ALS disease. Russell Wolfe produced the mega-hit movie GOD’S NOT DEAD, DO YOU BELIEVE and many other Christian movies. Even in his illness, Russell proclaimed the name of Jesus and exemplified miraculous and inspiring faith. Russell Attended the 23rd Annual Movieguide® Awards where he accepted the Epiphany Prize for most spiritually uplifting movie of the year which went to GOD’S NOT DEAD.

Producing partner and actor David A.R. White released the news of Wolfe’s passing on Facebook. “Tonight, we grieve the loss of our business partner, our friend and our brother as Russell Wolfe passed from this life to Eternity. Right now, Russ you know more about Jesus than we will ever know down here and for that I REJOICE with you brother.” He continues, “My heart breaks, but through the tears, I REJOICE that you are no longer suffering in your earthly body, boy will i miss all our laughs, our great talks, and your leadership. Love you my Brother…”

“Russell was always gracious and interested in those who spoke with him.” Ted Baehr stated, “He was always kind and generous. Jesus is rejoicing to have Russell at His banquet in heaven, but those of us who are left behind will miss him. At the Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry, when he won the Epiphany Prize for GOD’S NOT DEAD, he was more than a blessing.”

Since his diagnosis in December 2013, Russell and his family publicly shared Russell’s ALS journey through social media and public appearances including the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Last year, Russell, along with his family and his Pure Flix colleagues, participated in the “Walk to Defeat ALS” in Phoenix.

In 2014, Pure Flix released the feature film “God’s Not Dead,” which Russell produced and co-starred. The film became the highest-grossing indie faith film of the year, but in the midst of that celebration Russell was diagnosed with ALS.

“As one of the founding partners of Pure Flix, Russell always represented the vision to make a positive impact in our culture for Christ. He did this consistently through his work, life, and relationships,” said David A.R. White, also a Pure Flix founding partner. “Working beside Russell has been an honor and he will be profoundly missed.”

Through the support of his family, his Christian faith and medical care, Russell lived with a positive outlook and continued to work up until his death, including producing the film “God’s Not Dead 2,” scheduled to be in theaters spring 2016.

“I’ve been through a lot of storms in my life, and God has turned them around so that in retrospect, I can look back at those, and I’m thankful that they happened,” Russell told Movieguide® this past February. “I have looked at my diagnosis as an opportunity to stand in my faith, and see how God will use this for His Glory… and as a reminder that God is good all the time.”

Producer and Pure Flix founding partner Michael Scott shared his remembrance of Russell, “He was a friend, business partner and truly a blessing to all who ever met him. His legacy will continue to influence the world for Christ through film and television.”

Pure Flix COO Steve Fedesky added, “Russell was a great friend, inspirational servant-leader, who loved God, his family and others. His courageous faith in Jesus Christ was a catalyst of hope through his work, and that leaves a lasting legacy.”

Russell Wolfe is survived by his wife, Alysoun and their two children, who find comfort in knowing they will one day be reunited with Russell.

Please pray for Russell Wolfe’s family and friends.

About Pure Flix:
Founded in 2005 by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, Russell Wolfe, and Elizabeth Travis, Pure Flix has become the largest independent faith and family studio in the world. With offices in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Pure Flix has produced, acquired, marketed and distributed nearly 100 faith and family-friendly properties. Aligned with their mission to transform the human spirit through values-based entertainment, Pure Flix is the industry leader in creating high-quality inspirational feature film content. Their official website is www.PureFlix.com.


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