Hollywood and the Joe Paterno Smell Test


Allegations of Child Abuse in the Movie Industry

By David Outten, Production Editor

Joe Paterno was an amazing college football coach loved by many players and fans. He died in disgrace because one the coaches under him was a pedophile and the world concluded that Joe Paterno didn’t do enough to expose and stop this behavior. Joe Paterno was never accused of being a pedophile himself.

A Joe Paterno statue outside of the Penn State stadium was removed because Joe Paterno failed America’s smell test.

Recently, lawsuits have been filed against Hollywood director Brian Singer, and others, describing networks of powerful pedophiles in Hollywood and events that occurred at the home of Marc Collins-Rector, who once pled guilty to enticing five minors across state lines for sexual relations. Singer claims he’s innocent and is absolutely entitled to the benefit of the doubt. He deserves the right to present his case.

What does seem clear, however, is that Hollywood has a problem with pedophilia. Reports of homosexual harassment by adult actors are rampant in the industry, so accusations of pedophilia are not all that far-fetched.

One former child star, Cory Feldman, spoke on ABC about the tragic death of Cory Haim and related it to their abuse at the hands of Hollywood pedophiles.

Without naming names, he said, “There was a group of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids and they all had their own power, or connections to great power, in the entertainment industry.”

He continued, “There are a lot of really good people in this industry but there are also a lot of really, really sick, corrupt people in this industry. There are people who’ve gotten away with it for so long that they feel they’re above the law.”

For many years, Joe Paterno was seen as a model “good person.” Sometimes “good people” fail to do the right thing when a friend does something very wrong.

Joe Paterno was a household name. How many household names in Hollywood know what’s happening, and yet remain silent? Should they not be held to the same smell test as Joe Paterno? Is there one standard for college football programs and another for the entertainment industry?

What about the Jerry Sanduskies of Hollywood? Sandusky was able to offer boys a visit to the Penn State locker room. He couldn’t even offer them a spot of the team. In Hollywood children are offered careers. The lure is incredible – “I can make you rich and famous, if. . .”

What can be a more despicable than such manipulation of children? The child who submits must live with the shame of trading his or her purity for the hope of movie a career. The cycle continues because most of the children are either too ashamed to come forward or too afraid.

Do Americans care about children being molested in college football programs?

Do Americans care about children being molested in Hollywood?

How can we say, “no?”

Those in Hollywood who are neither a Joe Paterno nor a Jerry Sandusky should be concerned when their industry comes under a dark and putrid cloud. Dirty little secrets only get bigger. The bigger they get, the higher the price paid when they’re exposed.

Hiding the truth and paying off victims is like trying to “clean” a filthy bathroom with air freshener. It doesn’t really clean anything. Joe Paterno might have been able to stop some child molestations. Jerry Sandusky should have been cleaned out on the first inkling of misconduct. Had this happened, Joe Paterno would still have his statue, and he would have retired one of the most loved and honored coaches in the history of college football. He paid a very high price.

What happened to Joe Paterno has sent a strong message to other coaches around the country. “Don’t be the next Joe Paterno.”

If Hollywood got that message, it would end pedophilia in Hollywood!

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