How Fatherhood Changed Seth Morrison’s Perspective on Life

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How Fatherhood Changed Seth Morrison’s Perspective on Life

By Movieguide® Contributor 

In a recent podcast appearance, Seth Morrison, lead guitarist for the band Skillet, talked about touring and fatherhood. 

Morrison joined the Christian rock band Skillet in 2011 and has since shared the stage with artists like Disciple, Kutless, Sanctus Real, Audio Adrenaline, TobyMac, and Kirk Franklin. Morrison and his wife Hilary recently had their first child, June, together. 

“It’s been great [to tour],” Morrison said on the Sports Spectrum Podcast. “It was really just providential… June was born in August, and then we kinda took the back quarter of the year off. September, October, November, December, I think we had two shows. Which is very abnormal for Skillet, we’re normally very busy during the fall, October, November specifically. 

“As any parent out there knows, those first three, four months how much changes that quickly I was just so thankful to God… that I had that time home. It’s just very rare that I have four months straight, so just got a to spend a lot of time just me, Hilary, and June. Just so thankful for it,” Morrison continued. 

While Morrison has been touring for over a decade, having a child has made leaving a lot harder for him. Knowing that his music is for the glory of God is what has allowed Morrison to do so since his daughter was born. That’s also the reason his wife supports his return to touring; they have received countless stories about how Skillet’s music has helped people experience God and they both view Skillet as a mission field. 

Along with making leaving for tour harder, becoming a father has also helped Morrison better understand the state of the world today. 

“It feels like crazy time right now in our culture,” Morrison said. “Especially for young girls, like when you look at the rates of depression and I think social media has probably breeded a lot of that. It’s just such a crazy time when people don’t want to adhere to absolute truth anymore. So specifically raising a young girl, as a dad you’ve gotta be armored up, you’ve gotta be studied up, you’ve got to be ready to go.” 

“Before I know it, she’s gonna be five years old and gonna be aware of a lot of things going on around her. It kicks you in the butt really quickly. You’ve gotta get yourself together. You’ve gotta be able to answer questions on truth,” Morrison continued. 

Morrison is thankful for the church that he attends and its commitment to the bible. He believes that more and more churches are avoiding topics where the bible’s teachings diverge from society. He believes that having a solid church will allow him to be a better father. 

“Being a part of a church where kids can hear what it means live in holiness, how can we please God everyday in our lives, our though life, it’s becoming more and more rare in churches so being a part of a church that [isn’t] afraid to stand firm and teach what is means to live a holy life, how to please God. teaching what sin is I think that’s very important too,” Morrison said. 

Morrison also believes that today’s society lacks discipleship, something that is essential for a healthy life. 

“I think about this all the time, just God’s providence on my life and just how blessed I’ve been to always have older people mentoring me and discipleship. My brother is 15 years older than me, I’ve always friends that were 10 to 15 years older than me. Men that were a couple phases ahead in life. They were already married, they already had kids, I’ve always had that to look to,” Morrison said. 

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