How God Restored This DUCK DYNASTY Couple After the Pain of Infidelity

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How God Restored This DUCK DYNASTY Couple After the Pain of Infidelity

By Movieguide® Staff

Al and Lisa Robertson were fresh-faced sweethearts when they began their marriage journey. Though the couple had known each other for years, it didn’t take long for the facade of their relationship to crumble.

“I was still very independent in my behavior, sort of living the way I lived as a single person,” Lisa recalls of the beginning of their relationship.

“Alan was working for the church. He was very involved, of course. We had two young children, so I had to stay home,” Lisa says.

Dissatisfaction crept in. Unhealed trauma from a childhood sexual molestation resurfaced, and Lisa sought comfort in an affair for more than a year.

“I never could just jerk myself out of it,” Lisa says of the infidelity. “I never wanted to be truthful with myself as to who I was and what I’d become.” 

The only way out was to tell the truth to Alan, but she was afraid the truth would devastate her husband.

Meanwhile, Alan he “had enough information that I was ready to confront her I wanted Lisa to tell the truth.”

The couple separated after the confrontation, and Lisa was forced to reevaluate her life and relationship with Christ. She began to study the Bible with other women, and realized she did not have the spirit of God.

She was baptized and she began to grow in her relationship with the Lord.  

Alan took note.

He saw “in her a true life change, I mean an inner life change that she went through when she really made Jesus her Lord.”

The two renewed their vows privately and began a journey of forgiveness and recovery.

“It took a lot of growth and it took a lot of love and took a lot of time to live that forgiveness out,” Alan says. 

 “We’re in this place I never could have imagined us being the relationship we have now is something that I never could have imagined us having,” Lisa says. “I wake up every day and think could I love this man anymore and the next day I wake up and I love him more than I did the day before that’s just God and he gives us that he gives us the ability to love exponentially more than we ever thought.” 

The Robertson’s story is one that speaks to God’s ability to do the impossible, and shows what can be accomplished through Him.